Paypal fee paid twice?

I had to pay twice the paypal fee. Is it normal ?


Is the first mention not just telling you that there is a fee included and then the second mention is showing you the breakdown?

I believe the price of €437.50 is the base price without taxes, shipping or payment fees. It’s the same base price recorded on my invoice


Yes, same base prise. But I thought that the payment fee written as 8.25€ was the only payment fee. But PayPal added a 1.75% (or my bank, I don’t know)

I always thought that by using PayPal only the person who receives the money is charged the fee. Maybe fairphone forwards those costs to the costumer though. Anyway, you should only pay one fee in my opinion.

How much did you actually pay? You’ve still only shown 1 fee of €8.25 on that breakdown

You might need to get in touch with support and show them your full invoice

On the total from FairPhone, I had to add this 1.75%. IDK if it’s because of the money change (€-CHF) of a PayPal additionnal fee.

Sorry, I am completely lost as to how this payment was performed. If you have a paypal account, I suggest checking what the amount is that they charged your bank. If your bank has added costs to that amount, then they are bank charges. I’m guessing the screenshot is part of your bank statement. In that case it appears that the bank is charging these fees for these services, as they are listed as encompassing the costs for the Fairphone, and don’t appear to be charged in Euros. These fees wouldn’t be unusual - if I do transfers between different currencies I’m usually charged somewhere between 1-2% commission (with a certain minimum) or a flat fee for setting up the transfer. You’ll find the costs for your specific bank on their website or in your contract with them.

If you need a specific response from Fairphone, you will need to contact support directly, as this is a community forum: