Paying contactless Wallet issues

I’ve saved my payment card to my wallet but when ever I go to use it to pay for anything the phone says I moved too fast. I’ve no idea what I’m doing wrong, I’m certainly not moving the phone.
Has anyone else had this issue?

The NFC coil is approximately halfway down the back the Fairphone4. That is different to a lot of Android phones where it is in the upper half of the phone.
Whenever I get “moved too quickly” it is usually because I didn’t leave the phone close enough for long enough.
Just be sure to line up the middle of the back of the phone with the contactless icon on the reader. It may be behind the reader screen like the Verifone P400, or it may be above it like the Ingenico 3000.


Ahhh ok, I’ll give it a try, thank you so much

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