Parts of the touchscreen don't work - See first post for troubleshooting

After reading @Phantomias7’s post today noon I checked again and found that also on my FP2 the issue returned, however, the non-working stripe is still on the left side. As originally, it’s approx. 1 cm again (ecreenshot 2016-03-25-14-00-34):

Some further checks / actions like

Since I did not do any other relevant changes to the phone I think I can rule out (at least in my case) finally that it’s a software issue.

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For me I think the best thing is :

  1. Do the ticket the more accurately you can.
  2. As I read on the fair phone support site somewhere, call them a week later so you are sure your ticket is seen and action are taken.

For me it worked and they were kind and fast to take action. I have know a back to work fair phone 2.

Sorry for the late answer, I didn’t had time until now.
Have a nice day everyone.

It worked like that for me, I thought that they had enough informations to be sure that it was a (screen part) problem, and the fact is that it was because my phone is back to 100% now.

Hmmm… interesting. I directly asked for a replacement screen but in my case they insisted in turning the whole phone in to the repair center. It was picked up today.

I have the same problem, even though the non working area is not on the leftern edge but rather center-left, still a vertical path that is not reacting. Since i did not drop the phone, nor spilled anything over it, i asked myself wether i did anything wrong when i took it apart. But all reboots and un- and remountings didn’t help. After i switched it off for a while the issue was gone. But only for a short period.
After reading all these posts i just called Support right now, (very friendly, a little language complication) and i was told that i would get an email to which i should reply with a screenshot from my test screen app and that that would normally lead to a replacement of the display module. Great, since i wouldn’t want to reuse my old phone and reinstall everything on the new FP2…



First of all, I’m sorry for the poor English…

I have the following problems with my Fairphone 2.

  • Some keys do not work in portrait mode. It started with X, then D and E, and now also A and Q. Sometimes, some of them “come back”, but only for a few minutes. They work pefectly well in lansdscape mode, so I guess that the problem comes from the touchscreen.
  • Sometimes, the phone seems to become “insane”, as if “someone” pressed randomly at full speed on the screen. The only way to stop it is removing the battery, several times if needed.

My phone never fell on the ground, and I protect it very well. I use it perfectly normally. I restored the factory-default settings, without any improvement.

I sent an e-mail to the support team 26 (!!) days ago, but in French, which was probably a major mistake. 11 days ago, I sent another e-mail in English, but I’m still waiting for a reply (I mean, a real reply, not an automatic one).

I hope this message on the forum will make things move a little bit…

Thank you in advance to anyone who could help me.

@nnb77 I moved your post here. This topic discusses your first issue, for the second one please go here:

(This should be improved by the new software update)

Hi, I hope you can help me as the fairphone support hasn’t answered me in the last 3 weeks… :frowning:
The lower right part of the touchscreen is not working anymore (since about 4 weeks). When I use the phone in the vertical position I cannot use the delete-button or the keys on the right hand side when I write a message. After yesterday’s update it didn’t get better but rather worse - The circle and square buttons are almost never reacting. When I open the app view I cannot open any app on the right hand side, it’s not reacting.
Is this a software bug? I tried removing the display but couldn’t get it off (I looked at the instructions…)

I also had problems with ghost touches - apps were opened and buttons were pressed even though I didn’t do anything. This issue started when the touchscreen didn’t work well anymore, but it rarely happens after I changed the reaction time to medium.

I would really like to keep my phone but it’s no fun to use it…

I’ve moved your post here, as it discusses the same issues that you’re having. If you want to try to re-assemble the screen, there are some tips in the topic here.

Thanks Johannes :slight_smile: I didn’t find this topic with the search.

Now that my phone froze and rebooted, it has become totally unusable. The touchscreen issue prevents me from unlocking my SIM, which prevents me from further steps. It is now lying in a drawer, dead. Switching back to my old Nokia as a backup. Haven’t head from support after nearly a month. I’m disappointed. :disappointed:

Not really a solution, but maybe a way to backup your data etc. would be to connect a mouse with an USB OTG cable to your phone.


Same problem for me, the left and right parts of the touchscreen don’t respond anymore. It was first juste a small band (5mm) on the left side but the problem is getting worse… As the problem is clearly identified and the phone is under warranty, shouldn’t you send a spare part to the customers having this problem??? It’s almost impossible to use the phone normally in certain cases!


Pour le problème de l’hypersensitivité de l’écran, essaie de mettre à jour le software de ton Fairphone, la mise à jour a amélioré ce point chez moi. Tu peux aussi réduire le temps de pression pour le touchscreen (Paramètres/accessibilité/Délai de Pression) et le mettre sur “Moyen”. Avec ça je n’ai plus eu de problèmes d’écran qui bouge dans tous les sens tout seul…

Par contre, j’ai toujours ce problème tactile, deux bandes d’environ 1 et 0.5 cm ne réagissent plus des deux côtés de l’écran. C’est très certainement un problème hardware et il faudrait à mon avis remplacer l’écran… J’attends aussi une réponse du support FF.

Bon courage à toi et hésite pas à me tenir au courant si ça bouge de ton côté! :slight_smile:


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Concerning the touchscreen malfunction in certain parts of the screen: i have to send in the whole phone. Fairphone had e pilot project where they just got, checked and replaced the damaged parts; this project is now being evaluated and until then, only whole phones are checked…

I thought i could avoid having all my data deleted…


merci de tes conseils… j’ai fait tout ce qui était en mon pouvoir, mais rien n’a changé. j’ai finalement appelé le support et suis tombé sur une française (!). En dix minutes, le problème était réglé, deux jours plus tard le téléphone est parti par DHL pour être réparé. Un seul conseil : appeler (et demander Julie ?). On se demande même à quoi ça sert d’avoir un contact mail…


I have a touchscreen problem as well. Generally the touch screen works, however there are times when it is unresponsive. then generally locking it and unlocking it makes the screen work again. Is there a way to fix this?

@Keith you might be having a different issue on your phone. Although I had the touchscreen fail by software as well, but this topic is concerned with a hardware-based issue.

I have same problem with FP2. The left side (approx. 5 mm) is not responsive. I cannot text or use part of the keyboard (a, 1, q,). I called, I have to send the phone and wait for two weeks.

Having exactly this issue, too. After submitting a support request, they’ve just sent out an apologetic message and closed the support request. Ouch. I just need to know how to return it for a warranty repair. Sigh.