Parts of the touchscreen don't work - See first post for troubleshooting

Thanks @Christoph_Weis, good input!

Yes @Borisfer, call the support. Once you tell them that the whole part of the display does not work anymore, they will start the process of replacing your phone. It’s a production mistake and cannot be solved otherwise.
So this is what I propose everybody with this problem does.
They said the exchange should be done in 5 working done, maximum 2 weeks.

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just to give a short feedback:
I also contacted support just five minutes before by phone (online ticket wasn`t answered since two weeks)
and they will sent me instructions for exchanging my Fairphone 2.


Hey everyone,
same problème here but on the left side of the screen, initially I get aware of the problem while texting and couldn’t type : a, q, the arrow up and ?123 (I’m in azerty) then it came back to normal after installing a ratp app (bus and metro app in Paris), but don’t know if it’s related. After two days I wasn’t able to type a and q anymore but style able to tap the arrow up and ?123. Then it was again all the left side that turn back insensitive. Investigating the keyboard I realize that I can’t type
the letters v, h or y : it activate for v : the c and b, for h : g and h, and for y it’s t and y. And last piece of discovery, every time I hit the space bar it put a dot after my word. (I manage to use my phone with multiples rotation when it’s possible and it’s quite ok for 80% of my use but I would love to get back to this smooth phone I had unboxed 3 weeks ago). Then, I try to look for a way to calibrate my screen but didn’t find something effective yet. I hope those observations can help to find another solution than exchange with SAV. Let me know.
Have a great day everyone.

I have also contacted support by phone, which allowed them to give feedback on the ticket I had opened.
I have now started the return procedure, as my FP2 is not usable at all (or with a lot of difficulties).


Hey @borisfer and @vordprefect ,
Did it work out with the return process. Is that the solution?
All the best

Hi Rey_B,
it was just sent to Netherlands the last days (arrived in Eindhoven at Friday), so I think it needs some days more, until I get a Fairphone2 back. I will report when I got it and installed all the apps again ;).


They should pick mine up today if everything runs normally.

I believe I have the same issue. Added a request on the support a few days ago (90641, I don’t know whether it’s public), and tried to call but no answer yet. Any feedback ? I just seem to have one column down (left side), turning the phone still allows me to type.


Little update on my situation:

  • There were some contact issues between DHL and Fairphone, and therefore DHL failed to pick up my FP2.
  • I had to arrange eveyrthing myself, and finally allowing me to fix a new pickup date
  • DHL did pick it up on Monday
  • It arrived at Fairphone in Netherlands,
  • Support just told me they could check the state of the phone, and that I was right in the analysis of my touchscreen issue
  • Therefore they will replace my FP2
  • They just opened a new order for me, for which I have to pay 0 EUR
  • They told me my delivery is a priority

So, I will have a new FP2 for free, but I don’t know yet when it will arrive.
As soon as I get it, I’ll let you know.


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Since about a week my digitizer (screen) is giving issues, even unrelated to previously reported freeze and ghosting issues. The horizontal resolution is failing to the point where input is reduced to a few lines. Please observe my test-drawings in the added screenshot (Screen Touch Test app). Say I try to type an ‘e’ on the keyboard, I get the combination of a ‘w’ and ‘r’ instead. The issue presents itself on all screens, even on the lock-screen.

I just reassembled the screen on the phone, but the issue persists.

Does anybody know of other tests/fixes I can try to clarify or resolve this issue? Otherwise I’ll upgrade this issue to a support ticket.

I’ve moved your topic to this one, because I think it’s the same problem.

@Irina_Spitznagel Totally, thanks for moving.

when I am writing text on the phone keyboard (SMS or mail for ex.) my FP2 does not allow me to use the bottom-left part of the screen. so i can not digit A - Z - Q - S - shift key and numeric key.
this happens only in writing mode, the rest of the time the screen’s sensitivity is fine.
to notice that when the keybord phone is in orizontal way, it works fine on texting SMS and has problems only in mail mode for the two lignes on the bottom : shift - Z - X - C - V - B - N - M - delete - numeric - comma - space - dot - enter.
any issue??

I’ve moved your topic to this one, because I think it’s the same problem. You could try a drawing test, like other users did in this thread.

Hello everyone, after my distress call on February 24, I got good news. I contact fair phone support by phone, they where very much into understanding my problem and fast to react, as soon as they understood that it was a screen (hardware) problems, they send me the spare part. Three days after I had it personally delivered at my door and now my phone is working perfectly. So I’m very happy and I can show it again to my friends to make them want to be part of the movement.
Best regards to everyone and bravo to the Fairphone support, in my experience I only encounter professionals and caring peoples.

Have a wonderful day everyone.


Hey @vordprefect , @borisfer , @Reitho ,
any news on your approaches? My right side of the screen is now almost dysfunctional. I’m waiting for your results to see which path to take.

Hi Rey,

this weekend I just received my fairphone 2 back from repair. Ive tested not so much because I hadnt time to install all the apps I used - but now I have no problems to use the touchscreen in all areas.

Now I need some time to install all the apps and import my data again ;).


Hello all, since approx. a week I’ve got the same issue like @Reitho and @nivoliev, left side of the touchscreen is not reacting (or letters are shifted 1 place right, e.g. when typing “q” I get “w”, “a” -> “s” etc.).
I can confirm that dis- and re-mounting the display didn’t change anything (however, theview inside the phone was really interesting!).
Removing the screen protector (this one) didn’t change anything.

So it looks I’ll have to contact support about this.
@Reitho: did I understand you right, that you didn’t have to turn in your phone but directly got a new display as spare part?

Have a nice Sunday,

Hi, thanks for moving.
I tried a drawing test with 2 differents app and had the same result.

It’s strange cause it seems another part of the screen not responding when I draw and when I write text (?).
I also experienced twice something similar to this

Is that depeding from the same issue??
I think that I’ll write to support and ask for screen replacement.

Hello Guys, have a similar problem. My left side of the screen is not working properly.

Reboot the phone nor dis-, reassemble the screen help to get rid of the problem. I took a screenshot and opened a support ticket.
Hopefully not to many phones are affected.