Parts of the touchscreen don't work - See first post for troubleshooting

Do you mean the edge swipe? It can’t be disabled, it’s part of the launcher. You could try a different launcher to see if that’s really what’s causing this.

I have tried a new launcher, but it had no effect. It seems that edge swipe didn’t work because of the problem. Is it possible that a connection to the screen is not tight enough? The screen is not flickering, but sometimes it seems that also other areas of the touchscreen are not responding (mainly in the right part of the screen).

Try dis- and reassembling the screen.

…it is really easy to disassemble the screen. But unfortunately it has no effect.

…now it is even worse. All Icons on the right side of the screen are “dead” (the whole column!).


  1. maybe the screen display is not calibrated correctly. But when I want do scroll through a list
    of my emails or another list (e.g. entries in file explorer) this is not possible on the right side
    or only with strong pressure…

It is very hard to use the keys (e.g. “p” , “l” and “back” which are on the far outer right side (e.g. back button on the displayed keyboard when editing text (SMS / E-mail) … I have to turn the mobile into landscape mode.

I opened a ticket @support. Has somebody experienced this issue? Is there a workaround?

Has anybody experienced that or is there a workaround?

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@vordprefect I moved your post here and edited the title so it better represents your problem too.

I guess we’ll have to wait until one of you gets a response from support.

Hi Vordperfect,

I experienced the same problem, contacted the support, and finally sent back my phone. As far as I could tell, this was really a hardware problem, a dead zone on the touch screen. One way to maybe explore further how your screen reacts is to use some children’s drawing app like kids doodle. I think the test through this app is close to what used to be the touchscreen test on FP1.



I have the same problem as @vordperfect. Inwriting mode (English keyboard), the middle-right side of the screen seems not to work for “p” or “0”.
I don’t think it is a hardware problem, as it was perfectly working until ~10 days ago.
My workaround is to turn the phone into landscape mode or rely on text recognition. But it is really annoying.
Did anybody open a bug report yet?
All the best

Hi Rey, I asked the support four days ago but I have no aswer yet. We have to wait until we get advice.



I tried it with kids doodle… the result is the following:
The dots may display where I tried to press harder:

I will forward this picture also to my ticket @support - I didn`t hear anything since I opened the ticket (and posted it in the forum).

The next strange behaviour I experienced, when the display is on, the apps are opened and different screens are showing up as if a ghost is touching the screen. Workarounds as recommended didn`t solve the issue.


Hi vordprefect, I even can’t save the picture because the save-button is in the dead zone. But the picture looks similar, only the single dots are missing.

The support has given me no reply to my ticket yet. It would be good for whoever has first contact to the support team to point out that others have the same problem.


I also have exactly the same problem on both sides of my FP2.
I didn’t have the problem in the beginning, and i even have the feeling that the area that is not responding is expanding.
I coloured the parts of my screen that work with a drawing program.
I also have tried to contact support for help on this (6 days ago), but no reply yet.

Let’s keep in touch about possible replies from support.


Since 1-2 days I have the same problem, it’s especially annoying with texting: in portrait p,l,m does not work and in landscape space and all lower buttons. I hope to hear something from your support tickets soon!


I have called the support for advice, they assume that it is a hardware failure. Now I will send it back. It seems that they are a little bit overworked at the moment.

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Thanks Christoph.

My problem is getting worse and worse, and I literally can not use my FP2 for writing any text at all.
State of my touchscreen in attachment

Lots of programs I can not use any more.

I remain without any reply from support after 9 days.

I’ll also send it back I guess…


Hi Boris,

try to call the support. I also had no luck with the online support ticket.


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Thanks @Christoph_Weis, good input!

Yes @Borisfer, call the support. Once you tell them that the whole part of the display does not work anymore, they will start the process of replacing your phone. It’s a production mistake and cannot be solved otherwise.
So this is what I propose everybody with this problem does.
They said the exchange should be done in 5 working done, maximum 2 weeks.

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just to give a short feedback:
I also contacted support just five minutes before by phone (online ticket wasn`t answered since two weeks)
and they will sent me instructions for exchanging my Fairphone 2.


Hey everyone,
same problème here but on the left side of the screen, initially I get aware of the problem while texting and couldn’t type : a, q, the arrow up and ?123 (I’m in azerty) then it came back to normal after installing a ratp app (bus and metro app in Paris), but don’t know if it’s related. After two days I wasn’t able to type a and q anymore but style able to tap the arrow up and ?123. Then it was again all the left side that turn back insensitive. Investigating the keyboard I realize that I can’t type
the letters v, h or y : it activate for v : the c and b, for h : g and h, and for y it’s t and y. And last piece of discovery, every time I hit the space bar it put a dot after my word. (I manage to use my phone with multiples rotation when it’s possible and it’s quite ok for 80% of my use but I would love to get back to this smooth phone I had unboxed 3 weeks ago). Then, I try to look for a way to calibrate my screen but didn’t find something effective yet. I hope those observations can help to find another solution than exchange with SAV. Let me know.
Have a great day everyone.