Package weight in form of return portal

I didn’t check my e-mails as frequently as I looked into the return portal, waiting for my request to be approved. So when I saw that it got approved and I filled in the form (for the pickup of my device), I didn’t know what to put in as “Total weight”.

First attempt:

OK, second attempt:

OK, so it’s grams. Instead of having to duck-type this, couldn’t it be made clear in the form by simply stating “Total weight (grams)” or so?

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Enter “1” into this field. At least I did this.

But the weight is thrown away and replaced by a static value (2 kg) afterwards.

Right, I noticed that too. I wonder what that is about.

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I also hope, Fairphone can correct that on the return portal.
It took me some time to find out the weight and what to fill in this field, because as said, no info about the unit (“g” or “kg”) was given and only integer values were accepted.
And in the end the time was wasted for nothing, because they used the “2 kg” value as standard on my pickup label from DHL, too.
But maybe it’s important to fill something in this field for other countries than Germany or other parcel services than DHL?

Also the issue with 2 identical labels and 2 times the info to print them could be done or communicated better (e.g. by not sending the label with the 1st mail).
Because I received the label with the same mail as the link to the return portal. I also only noticed the value on it later and that it was the same label as the one you get after finishing the return portal.

A big problem which almost leaded to missing the pickup time was the format of the given pickup time in the return portal (I only could choose 1 time span for the next day):
Between 12 AM and 4 PM”.
I first just thought this could only mean “between 12:00 noon and 16:00” and tried to be at home and ready with the parcel at 12:00 o’clock noon.
But then I was lucky with the parcel service staff from DHL, which arrived at 11:50 AM and waited for me 10 minutes, because someone told her, that I would be here soon. She showed me the time on her device saying: “Between 00:00 and 16:00”.
As “12 AM” doesn’t seem to be the same everywhere in the world (e.g. in Japan it’s noon), that’s the reason why normally a “noon” or “midnight” is added to avoid confusion, see Wikipedia.
So for Fairphone’s return portal it’s “midnight”, which is actually very funny :wink:, as I never thought that I have to be ready for a parcel service before e.g. 7 AM.

About all 3 issues with I informed Fairphone within the ticket of my broken FP2 on August 30th, 2016, but got no feedback to this information.
At least I got a feedback for the replacement of my FP2 within a few days after the broken one arrived there and was checked. So in the end I’m happy that everything went fine and I have a working FP2 again.

However, I hope they will fix this issues with some day for others which have to use that service in future.


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