Overheating since yesterday's upgrade

Since upgrading the Fairphone software yesterday (June 15) the phone is massively overheating whenever switched on. Storage is at 55%. What can I do apart from keeping the phone switched off!

Hi and welcome, maybe try in #dic:safemode and see if the issue still persist. If not its an App going crazy. If its the same in Safe mode, something might have gone wrong with RhE update, so manual Installation might help. You can also take out all SIM and SD cards

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If you have a working backup you can do a factory reset and see if it’s working fine again then.
You might enable adb debugging in developer options, connect the phone via USB data cable to a PC and execute the command adb shell top to see if a special process is running wild and creating there mentioned heat.

Fortunately, after repeatedly removing the battery from the phone and leaving it switched off, today the problem (which was very definitely prompted by this week’s Fairphone software update installation) has now resolved.


If you have the opportunity to connect in debug mode, use “adb shell” and start “top”. This will show you which processes are eating up CPU time.

In my case, I noticed after every update many dex2oat jobs which recompile the apps for the new system. However, this shouldn’t take more than 15-30 minutes depending on the number of apps you installed.

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