Overheating fp4

My fairphone 4 overheats when using a video call like WhatsApp. It just switched itself off using zoom the other day. Also, when using it outside, the screen will suddenly dim, making the phone unusable (not set to auto brightness). Any one have any ideas or suggestions? Thanks

The screen dimming issue has been resolved in the latest update (079). Overheating: these apps are quite demanding, but shutdown is not acceptable. What type of cover do you use? What was the ambient temperature? Were you holding the phone in your hand, or was it laid somewhere? What kind of peripherals were connected?


I don’t use a cover.
Ambient temperature wise, it’s not particularly hot, just room temperature.
I was holding it in my hands on both occasions (which I’ve mentioned in my previous message), but I have large hands so balance it between my fingertips.
Glad to hear the dimming has been resolved.

Any thoughts on who I might go to re the sudden shutdown/overheat?

But what is room temperature? I am guessing somewhere between 18°C and 30°C, but that is pretty wide.

It is always helpful to include relevant context (such as how you were holding the phone) in a new topic. Your previous message is not visible in or easily accessible from this topic, so people are unlikely to look there on the off-chance of finding relevant information.

I disagree reg the new topic as this will duplicate.

Sorry all, new to this forum I’m afraid. Apologies if I’m not writing/replying on that most helpful way.
I’m based in the UK, so it’s our autumn so we’re definitely not talking 30 degrees here. I was actually sat in my car, so if anything, probably between 15 and 18 degrees. Certainly not anywhere hot enough to produce the kind of heat the phone was giving off. It was hot to the touch! I wasn’t even using it before I received the WhatsApp video call (and I did pull over and park up first).
It was overheating and I wasn’t multitasking on it either.


Did it happen just once or is it somehow reproducible?

Definitely happens when I’m using WhatsApp and sometimes when using maps. It’s switched itself off at times

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