Outlook calendar on Fairphone

I have just got my first ever smartphone - a refurbished Fairphone 4. I work for myself and use Outlook on my laptop for email and calendar (Outlook 365 personal). One of the main reasons I finally got a smartphone was to have access to email and calendar on the go, especially where there is not wifi. I have download Outlook app on the phone, and email works pretty well. However, my calendar does not sync, and if I try to create a calendar item on the Outlook calendar on the phone, it says “unable to create a meeting on this account as it does not support calendars”. If I go to the settings within the Outlook app, there is an option to ‘sync calendars’ but this is greyed out and won’t toggle. I’ve tried various searches online but no joy yet. It seems crazy that this is so hard. I realise not really a Fairphone issue per se, but if anyone could help, that would be great!

Sorry just an impromptu thought, as I am using outlook mail and calendar quite intensely on my FP5, could you check the account details on your phone? Also when creating the event, my phone asks me which calendar it should go to, and by default there’s my outlook one

Good to know it works for you! If I try to create an event in the Outlook App, it just refuses, with the error message I have above. I can create an event in Google Calendar which is the default on Android phones, but it only puts it in Google Calendar. It seems from reading on the internet that there may be ways to sync a Google Calendar with Outlook calendar, but that feels a recipe for problems (and there also seems to be lots of different advice about how to do it).

Hate to say that but some Google search points out to the limitations of certain types of the outlook accounts, so nothing to do with the phone or particular settings. My suggestion would be to check the parameters of your account.