Out-of-the-Box new FP2 Hyperheating

Hi everyone,

I just got my new Fairphone at the beginning of the week and I think there’s something wrong with it. Already using the camera for a couple of minutes makes it warm and more intense activity like playing a game brings it to lava temperature in less then 10minutes. The source of the problem is in the upper part (camera area, so to say, I guess that’s where the processor is). Anyone else has/had this problem? If calling in the insurance would I get a new phone or a new module?
Thanks a lot!!


Is battery life or stability affected? Does it reboot? Do the antennas lose their adhesion? If one of these is true, it might be better to call for replacement.

My wife’s first FP2 had all of the above indications and sent it back for replacement.

I moved this because it is not a general discussion.

Hey Stephan, thanks for the feedback, battery life seems to be affected but as it is so new I am not sure. I do not have the other issues you mention, but I think such strong overheating is definitely going to cause some damage …

Playing games and using the camera severely heats up my phone as well. This seems to be normal, I guess. The Snapdragon 801 was a high-end SoC at its time of release and has a rather high power draw (~ 3 W).

Does it heat up while idling or under light load, too?

Fairphone Support’s Troubleshooting site has a section called Phone’s temperature beginning with “Your phone gets hot? Worry not!” :wink: .

Well, mine peaks at over 90 °C CPU (according to TWRP) when doing backup stuff in TWRP, and I worry not, it runs just fine.


So you saying this is a hardware error?

I have had this since start as well, but I see it as a software error, so instead trying to find out why it always is the camera causing it.

To give more info on the problem:

  1. When this is happening (usually by starting your camera) you can also see something is wrong by the battery info saying that “miscellaneous” is drawing all your power
  2. Turning off the com-chip by entering flight mode, stops the drain on the battery. But it does not solve the problem. Usually a reboot “solves it”, and then you have normal battery times after reboot (for me 2-3 days)

Pretty sure there are threads about this problem, but then under the category “miscellaneous draining my battery”, if not I will start such threads when I get to it.

This all feels like the camera chip is spying on you, because this calms down as soon as you turn off com-chip.

I would love a replacement, but being the first 14800 something, I think any warranty has gone out for me personally, but I would LOVE to know which component that is in error, and HOW to debug more. I bet this can be patched by forcing a process to stop whatever it is doing

I don’t think the camera is spying on you - indeed this is a worse way of spying, because the microphone would be much more efficient. :wink:

I think it’s a combination of Android behaving strange and wasting energy for whatever reason and the hardware not being able to cope well enough with the resulting heat. This happened to me, too.

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