Out of stock/missing FP2 spare parts from online store

Did you contact Support about your display?

Nay, I think I dropped it too often so I guess it’s my fault.

ok! Let’s hope you will enjoy the new display much longer now :slight_smile:

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Thank you! :slight_smile: I do hope so, too. :wink:

Looks like a charger issue. Phantom touchs? Search through the forum, I’m on my FP2 right now, can’t link to the thread.

The most prominent thread @Roboe is probably referring to is discussing “crazy” touch issues:
Fairphone 2: Crazy touch inputs (touchscreen issue) - workaround (for some): increase touch & hold delay
Maybe this shortens the search effort a little.


Hi, I need to buy a new bottom module for my Fairphone 2, but they haven’t been in stock for a while, I’ve been checking for nearly a week now. Anyone know when it might be back in stock?


Thank you and @Roboe for your hints. But I checked the topic and neither of those occurances fit to my problem: When I press “W”, most of the time W and E are typed. Or when I try to type a single S, S and A or D appear. I really do hope that another screen will fix that. Otherwise I will slowly run out of patience for this thingy (having spent around 670€ in total for it)…

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That’s the same issue I have (plus crazy random touches on the screen). Waiting for support to handle my return request, but as there are still no displays in stock yet I guess I’ve still got a lotof waiting to do.

My FP2 is now so unpredictable so I can’t use it anymore…I had to get a Samsung phone while waiting for the display modules to come back into stock…

Well, that sounds more like this issue:

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Same here; I opened a support ticket, and they told me that there is no estimate for how long it will take for the parts that are out of stock to be available in store again. This is deeply disappointing, especially because modularity and being able to perform easy repairs was a big reason to buy this phone.


I also gotta add that I had a very good experience with support: they are gonna replace the bottom module under the warranty. Interestingly I also got an explanation as of why spare parts are out of stock:

Unfortunately, we can’t replace this specific module at the moment. The reason for this is that we are currently optimizing our production process. We are gradually introducing some changes to improve production quality, based on the teachings of the past half year of Fairphone 2-production. For that purpose, we temporarily stopped the assembly lines. We also engaged with suppliers to adjust their processes and materials.

Currently we are waiting until the new modules are shipped from China and back in stock again in our warehouse.

We will proceed with the replacement as soon as this happens.

At least there are some news, for which I’m grateful. Sometimes it’s hard to be a supporter of this phone, but I like to see the effort FP is putting in.


It seems that Vireo has FP2 displays back in stock (and transparent cases, too). Let’s hope it’s not a database error. If it’s true, I’d hope that Fairphone is finally getting stocked with FP2 displays again, too. Please stay calm. :angel:

Monday, 10 am: FP2 display delivery estimate at Vireo has changed back to “20 days” :neutral_face:


13 hours later it still says “delivery time 1-3 days”. :smiley:

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Well I folded in the end … with people reporting FP2s unusable for 4 months and ZILTCH news from FP about any arrival of new display stock… I’ve ordered from vireo at a total cost of €106 inc tax and delivery to the UK. AT least, I THINK I have … my german is not so good. Orders from FP I can get VAT free (the phone belongs to my VAT registered company, not me) orders from Vireo I have to pay german sales tax and can’t reclaim it; so Vireo’s profit aside it’s 20% more in any case. Hey Ho.

Meanwhile I found some stout transparent sticky tape at work which is holding the screen together without affecting performance much. It ain’t pretty but it works.

I still (mostly) love the phone and still (totally) love the concept … even if the reality is a bit disappointing.


You might want to e-mail Vireo at kundenservice@vireo.de about the VAT (German: “Mehrwertsteuer / MwSt.”) issue. They encourage international buyers to get in touch this way in the FP2 product description (“ENG: For all international buyers: We do ship internationally. Please ask our support via Email.”)

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hi Urs, long time no speak ;¬)

… probably a bit late to claim the More Worth Tax back. I’ll consider it a donation to one of the few European states to be maintaining its sanity (so far).

Btw, super wide sellotape (amusingly called Durex here in Ozz) works well as a broken screen survival fix.

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After I waited 4 months for some response by Fairphone (unfortunately, now I deep down hate your company and won’t recommend this to anyone, your fault, Fairphone), I right away ordered two displays from Vireo on friday. They sent them out the same day and they arrived on saturday.

To be honest, it doesn’t seem the FP team can handle the basic system of supply and demand of a service which was a prime selling point. Their silence or attempt to ‘reclassify’ my complaints on the lack of a screen being available are unforgiveable considering their fair trade credentials. They should either come clean on whether they can provide new screens or just admit the FP project has failed.

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