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Hello there,
Dumb question of the day?
Just noticed in my ‘Storage’, that I have a ‘Other users’ section in addition to ‘Owner’ section. In the ‘Other users’, I have a ‘Guest’. Is that normal, or am I being more paranoid than a paranoid thing???
Many thanks

Yes, lollipop offers this feature of having multiple user.
Each user has his own preferences, apps, photos, contacts…
So, when you lend your phone to someone, give him guest user or create an account for him. So he doesn’t see your personal data.

What scares you in this ?


Thanks jaymanu,

I just wasn’t expecting it (hadn’t noticed before) and was curious as to why 79MB against it, if I wasn’t using it…

I guess 79MB of default user data. And you cannot delete it.
I remember my very first hard disk had a whole 50M :slight_smile:
But nowadays, losing 79M does not hurt so much.

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Got it - thanks jaymanu.

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