Other Open Source OSes. This time: CopperheadOS

Continuing the discussion from Ideas for http://code.fairphone.com/ (Future):

Some infos on CopperheadOS can be found here:

Note: Looking at the bug tracker I see a lot of things promised [missing] (https://github.com/copperhead/bugtracker/labels/enhancement) in some phone models. But it’s nice to see that they use their bug tracker for project management.

Given it runs on the Nexus 5 it might be a nice option to try out given the hardware is so similar. I tried a compile last week but that failed.

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Isn’t it ironic that people that want a non-google phone have to buy a phone from Google to get full support? I think the FP2 would be a win-win for both worlds and it would nicely stand out.

Update: I was able to build the Nexus 5X/bullhead (6.0.1) code. It takes around 71G.

++++ boot ++++
building image from target_files BOOT...
++++ recovery ++++
building image from target_files RECOVERY...
++++ system ++++
creating system.img...

Bin blobs There is a “/vendor/qcom/hammerhead/proprietary” [32+158 files?] and a “vendor/lge/bullhead/proprietary” [144 files] needed for the builds. So I assume under the current FP2 EULA this would be a dead end as well.

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Copperhead seems to be great project however, from my user point of view, i’m not sure it is what i really expect.

I care about privacy and security, but I pay even more attention to functionality.

In other words, for casual use, i am more expecting a rom like Cyanogenmod with permissions management (privacy guard), easy customization* (tiles, menu bar, styles), and some smart improvements into defaut apps, etc

*without having to install Xposed and GravityBox.

are there any news on the topic?

does the FF2 fullfil the requirements of copperhead (Only devices with a 64-bit CPU architecture, full verified boot and LPDDR4 memory with TRR will be considered. Devices also need guaranteed security updates from the hardware vendor for device-specific components like firmware)?

did someone try to build a rom?

did someone even succeed to build a rom?

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FP2 doesn’t fulfill any of the requisites. Since these are hardware requisites in the most part, FP2 won’t fulfill them in the future.

I’d suggest to close the topic, or state clear that FP2 won’t never have an official CopperheadOS and, being honest, an unofficial one won’t have the main appeal for COS: security.


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