OTA Build switcher?

When I was trying to help users to install Fairphone Open OS, I have noticed that the “OTA Build switcher” is not longer available. The Installation guide only presents the manual installation, and the only OTA file available to download is to "Upgrade from an earlier Fairphone Open build."
Do you know why the OTA build switcher is not available any more? It makes the installation much more difficult than it was before.
Another question: when you receive a new Fairphone, would it possible that when you first open it, a message appears like (with better phrasing): “This phone works on Android 6 with Fairphone OS. If you want to use the open version of the system (more information), click here”. If you choose this option, the OS would download and install.
I know that we already talked about this second question on the forum, but I cannot find a technical answer (not just opinions).

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I don’t know why this was changed, but I can tell you it started with 17.12.1:

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