OSMO pocket and fairphone3?

I am thinking of getting the new Fairphone 3. I have an OSMO pocket camera and wondered if it will work with the Fairphone. I have heard that not all smartphones work with the OSMO pocket so wondered if any of you who have the latest Fairphone also have an OSMO pocket camera and more importantly, it all works.
Thank you

If you get no reply, you could get in contact with #fairphoneangels, and see if he/she can help you.

Thank you. Good idea. I will see if I get any answers here, if not I will drop them a message.

Hi Warts,

I guess you’re talking about the Mimo app here? DJI has a pretty limited lists of supported phones on it’s website, all of which have pretty powerful SoCs.

So I guess that the app might not run on the FP3 at all (or not with the desired performance). But that’s just a guess, I would recommend that you contact DJI’s support on this.

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Thank you. I will email them and see what they say.

I know some people have been able to use the OSMO pocket with some phones not mentioned on their website so it seems that there is scope for other phones, but I had not thought about the possible impact on performance even if it does work, so than you. Useful to consider

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Hi Warts, I’d be interested to know what you found out about the compatibility of Osmo Pocket and Fairphone 3. (I already have a Fairphone and am considering investing in an Osmo device.) Did you go ahead with purchasing the Fairphone 3?

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