OS update frequency


What’s the regular delay between 2 updates?

I’m a newbie on FP2, I haven’t found any precise info on the update frequency of the Android OS, neither on the forum (including guides) or on the FP website.
The only thing I’ve read here https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/205504175-What-is-the-plan-for-software-updates-on-the-Fairphone-2-
says “We plan to offer regular software updates.”

I’m not talking about the big update like shifting from Android 6 to 7, but simply upgrading from Fairphone OS 18.09.02 to 18.09.03 for example.


Usually security updates come once a month, but since the upgrade to Android 7 I guess the Fairphone software team is busy working on bugs rather than security updates. Once the most pressing bugs will be fixed I’m sure updates will get back to a monthly rhythm.


Ok thanks, actually I’m more interested in getting the bugs fixed! So I guess that comes out as a kind of update in FP updater app but only to fix bugs of the current version?

We started with a regular monthly cycle on Lollipop in 2015. With Android6 Fairphone still could keep up on a regular basis but not always every month. Now on Android 7 the delay is stretched as the bug fixing is taking noticeable resources. The last one was some about fall 2018.

But you may read on in this issue of security updates to find out that Fairphone is/was one of the few who really managed to provide regular updates while many other big companies very often did not or just pretended by sending a fake security confirmation to their customers.


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