'OS Fairphone is not responding'

My fairphone keeps crashing - most often when I’m using the internet browser, and sometimes when not using any program. The error message say that the browser or OS Fairphone isn’t responding. Anyone know why this may be?

Could you install ‘Lighting’ from F-Droid and see if your phone is still crashing.

Mine does that too, it switches on again. But today it crashen, switched on untill the screen where to enter my pincode, its not reacting and i can’t enter my pin. What to do?

Try rebooting. Remove your battery and put it back again.

Thanks for getting back to me. Before I download it, could you let me know what the ‘lightning’ download is? (I feel I should know before downloading something to my phone!)

Lightning is a internet browser which you can use as an alternative for the browser on the OS Fairphone.

My guess is that some system files on your phone got messed up. The first thing I’d try is to “Clear Cache” in Recovery Mode. If this does not help, I fear that you need to do a hard reset.