OS 1.6.2. trouble

since I updated my fp2 to iOS 1.6.2. my back camera doesn’t work and the phone seems to generally run slower than it used to. Most apps crash at least 3-4 times a day and so on…

Any body experiencing the same kind of troubles and knows how to fix em?

What do you mean by “camera does not work”?
When you open the camera app, do you get an error? If yes please post the error message.

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I think I would agree that the apps seem to crash more. For me, BBC Sport app would regularly crash anyway, but social media apps also following suit…plus phone restarting 10+ times a day.

Since the update it is impossible for me to start the Camera. Message “Camera wurde beendet” - Camera stopped. And the possibilty to give a feedback opens Unfortunately I cannot send a copy to me and therefore I cannot append the message. No idea what to do, one more small nasty thing…

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The same for me. I am unable to start the camera since the update!

In fact, for me, the camera works well for example when I use it through Instagram. Now if I try the standard camera App, the camera stops directly.

Thanks, I tried with whatsapp and I could do fotos, with the camera app impossible
Because with Pepin s Instagram worked I tried a camera app. AND IT WORKS¨!!! So it must be the camera app.

i-OS, really :slight_smile: that might be the source of the problem :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Well, i don’t use the standard camera app, but I tried with OS 1.6.2 and it’s working fine.
You could try going to settings, apps, camera, then delete cache, or data, or even uninstall updates. That will reset the app, if anything went wrong with it, as you said other apps don’t have problems using the camera.

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