OS 1.2.8 software update stuck powering off

The first time I tried to install the update it got stuck at “just a moment” after downloading, as another used mentioned (I have plenty of free memory so I don’t think that was the problem, though maybe I need to clear the cache of the software update app).

I tried again and now the download is complete and I hit ‘restart’, but now it’s stuck on a dialog box with “Power off, Shutting down” and the green wheel spinning, it’s been stuck like this for about 30 minutes now… should I force quit by taking the battery out, or continue to wait?

I’m in the same boat at the moment with 1.3.6. I’m reluctant to force a power off in case I interrupt something important.

Hey Dave did you get it sorted yet? I ended up taking the battery out, didn’t seem to do any damage… I had to download the update again and made sure the screen stayed lit up while the download was in progress, that solved the problem for me!

HI Heggs,

I did the same and it seemed to be OK.

There’s another update now. We’ll how this one goes!

That one went swimmingly. :slight_smile:

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