Origin of components in your phones?


I wanted to buy a phone but all major companies are using forced labor in China

(Cf. https://www.business-humanrights.org/en/latest-news/major-brands-implicated-in-report-on-forced-labour-beyond-xinjiang/)

Is there any component/ electronical component from your phones that are made in China?

Are you subcontracting with tier companies that may get parts supplies from China to provide you with?

Can you certifiy the origins of the major components in your phones?

Is your product made in China and assembled in Netherlands or is all electronics made in the Netherlands?

I hope i get clear answers about your business practices beforce considering buying one of your product.



Welcome to the community forum.
This forum is entirely community driven and not managed by Fairphone itself, you have to contact fairphone support through their support page if you want official answers. Although you could perhaps get answers on this forum, it is better for you to contact official support.
You can also read their impact report, you will get answers to most of your questions.

Edit: I have set the topic to close automatically tomorrow. I don’t think @danass wanted to open a discussion, rather have official answers from fairphone. Please change it if I shouldn’t have @ trust level 4.


And you will hardly find any phone (or electronic device, when it comes to that) at all, that can do without chinese parts.
Even the Gigaset phones “Made in Germany” will not make do without such components.

And - as @Alex.A already pointed out - the impact report as well as the Fairphone Blog and the Story “Our Mission” will tell you a lot about Fairphone.
Maybe the focus on just the labor conditions in China will shift as well, as e.g. the conditions in the mines in Congo etc. are none the better.

Any questions that will not be answered on the Fairphone homepage should indeed be adressed to the support


Let me have the time to paste the answers from support by not closing the question, i just sent them the questions and will communicate them as soon as i receive them.

I’m sure many people would love to hear the answers.



You’re not asking for exactly hidden info here. Many people have read what Fairphone published already (see the links above) and thus know the answers, you might as well do the same and read and catch up :wink: .


There’s even a list of suppliers on the website, but the other links explain the rationale behind choices.


Indeed. All the point of Fairphone being fair is being transparent about their actions. They published many articles on this subject, and gave detailed answers to all these questions already. They might even give you the links and tell you to go and read them.
And I think a discussion about this is rather unnecessary. It was already discussed hundred times on this forum (elder members will confirm I think).

Edit: I don’t know how many times I said “already” in this message. I removed a few.

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Well, it’s always nice that new people find their way here and to Fairphone, and we can’t very well expect them to read the whole forum history up until now :wink: .


In addition, they even have done lots of research and reports in various areas, that they link / publish on their homepage. That’s in my opinion part of transparancy as well as developing their products and making as much progress as possible.

Still I guess, we could leave this topic open.
It could serve as a first stop for all users, that have similar questions. Thus they will find the links and information they look for in just one thread. (Searching this forum sometimes is quite tough.) We therefore maybe should keep the discussion focused on the questions and not on the need for this topic. :wink:


Ok, that’s true. I set it back to 6 month after the last reply (I think someone had taken it off completely).

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I received an answer from a quite comprehensive and complete answer from support.
I copy paste it here.

Thanks everyone for your help in this matter.

Kelly (Fairphone)

Sep 9, 2020, 11:39 GMT+2

Hello DA,

My name is Kelly from the support team. I’ll be your case manager, nice to e-meet you :slight_smile:
Thank you for your interest in Fairphone and for reaching out. It’s great to see more people looking further into supply chains and the treatement of workers.

A great place to start to get a better idea of how we are making a difference in the industry is to have a look at our Impact Webpage.

Our products are indeed manufactured in China, at Arima where we have established a number of initiatives to improve working conditions for everyone, not just those working on our products.

I invite you to look into Our partnership with Arima and meet the makers.

To look further into our value chain, and where the materials come from, please feel free to explore our page Mapping the Journey of your Fairphone.

We provide a lot of further information online about our Fairtrade gold supply, the launch of our Fair Cobalt Alliance, and mining conditions in our blog.

I hope these links for further reading and transparency in Fairphone production are helpful for you.

I thank you for your commitment to looking beyond a product and exploring the ethics of supply chains. We share your mission and passion for change in the electronics industry specifically. If you have any further questions, I am more than happy to assist you further.

I wish you a great day!

Best regards,


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