Organize phone through a PC

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is there any software to connect the fairphone with a PC for remote controll? I mean not only the Windows Explorer access.
e.g. I want to organize my contacts via a pc because it is much ore comfortable and I can create some backups.

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Hello, I find “MyPhoneExplorer” very comfortable and easy to use.

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I think “remote control” refers to something different, e.g. controlling your PC with your phone (some desktop media players can be controlled through the phone, like controlling a TV with a remote).

If it’s only the contacts, you could export / import them as a vcs file (People app > menu button > import/export) and modify those on your PC.

Hi @Rogelio and welcome to the Forums!

I do sadly not know of such software, but i get your point. I use a syncing for the very same purpose. I understand if you do not want your contacts “in the cloud” but if you don’t mind, there are a lot of privacy concious services offering you contact and calendar sync services on the open protocols carddav and caldav. You will need to install an app for that to work on your Fairphone and choose a service provider you trust. I use DAVdroid, which you can download from F-Droid or Google Play, and Posteo. Other Services i have heard good things of are Kolab NOW and, all of there are hosting either in Germany or Switzerland.

I understand that all of these are not directly allowing you to manage the contacts on your phone, but for me personally it works very well this way. May i ask what operating system you use on your PC?

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Hello @Rogelio,

I also started with MyPhoneExplorer on my first Android Phone I bought a License and used it a while but unlike @joagri I got issuers with it, especially with the syncing of my appointments.

So nowadays I run a CalDav/CardDav Server on my NAS. Thats the perfect solution for me, because it is almost that comfortable than using the google Contacts/Calendar but I have all my date on my very own system not somewhere at a providers server.

So if you run some sort of hardware that can do the job I would recommend to build your own Online solution if not use a provider you trust. Like @ben I think Posteo would be a good choice and 1€/Month is much cheaper then buying your own hardware just to run this one service. They offer Calendar and Adressbook encryption to protect your data a little more.


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