[ORDERS CLOSED} New Fairphone Bottom module with USB-C port for Fairphone 2

Put the bottom module back in? Or bottom module on its own outside?

Yes, I’m interested in how it fits (the original).
It seems to be different from my FP as I have one of the first batch


Thx, I might get it to fit thinghter now, putting less strain on the connector making it last longer.
Btw. currently designing the new PCB :slight_smile:


I’m still interested to test it! :sunflower:


It’s likely that there still be some minor changes, but if everything goes as planned the PCBs will be ordered by sunday.
The color is likely going to be black


How could I order one of these?

Am currently testing it still, but then you can order it from me directly, via PM


Hello dear community,

Some big changes have happened.
I have put this project on hold for quite some time because of other projects.
I have finally found some time to refine my design and to perfect my 3d printing process. I have printed some modules with different settings and found a perfect profile. I now use a 0.2 mm nozzle and a 0.08 mm layer hight. The 3d printer is also upgraded with a new mainboard and extruder, but the improvements from that are marginal.
I’ve also done some changes to the design :

  • “dent” in the module is closed to the original and leaves more material, thus making a stronger part

  • Some minor changes to the outer shape of the module, making it closer to the original

  • Top piece is now a single part with support underneath it, making it stronger

  • The two halves are now no longer press-fit, they are screwed together, making it feel more solid and insuring a good connection of the speaker and vibration motor. I’ve ordered some M1.4 inserts from china, but nothing arrived. The screws (M1.4x3) are screwed into the plastic, not perfect, but good enough for them no easily hold the two halves togher against the pressure of the contact springs.

  • Some changes to the design to fit the new board.

I’m aiming for perfection and I’m pretty close, but I’m still improving. When Fairphones stock of modules will be sold out, mine will be the only one left, so ease of use and reliability are big points so that everyone can keep the FP2 as long as possible. I’m trying to make the transition from a DIY project to a final product that can be sold to regular FP2 owners.
Here are some photos from the module. You can barely see it is 3d printed, it could just as well be injection molded.

Leonhard Bandilla


That looks fantastic, Leo. Sign me up for one (or two). Have you been using it? Any notable difference in sound or vibration?

And will you design a USB-A bottom module so that @Stanzi can make it last longer than a couple of months?


Sign me up too, pls!



@Leo_TheCrafter I’d actually also like a USB-C module, for the extra future-proofness :wink:


Sign me up too, please. And, thanks for the great job!


Mister Leo, you are just incredibly awesome, I hipe you know that! :slight_smile:
My deepest respect!
Sign me up too!


Hello dear community,
Now that the bottom module is near perfection, I still need a case that is ready for the market.
Even though the flex case was pretty nice and had some good bumper abilities, it was unable to support the USB-C port, leading to higher than usual wear on the port. I’ve tried many case designs, some designed by myself, but they all didn’t feel perfect enough. Fairphone released the 3d-model for the back of the slim case, but it’s for SLA, not FDM, because it was very fine details. The amount of precion required is insane for FDM, especially for an ABS print, which always are a bit more inprecise and warp. I’ve tried it anyway and with these settings it works on my heavily modified Ender 3 Pro


Sorry, I can’t upload the design files, not even as a zip, but I’ll send them per email, if you’re interested


I’m really excited to get one of the new modules :star_struck:
Is it possible to use a normal slim cover and carve out the hole for the micro-USB port a little so it’s large enough for USB-C?


It works, this is the way I did it with the very first generation, but the port whobles and wears out way quicker because it is unable to support the USB-C port. Also dust might get into your device.
I am testing this new case and module on my personal phone before giving it to anyone, I learn from the past, where I had a 50% return rate, but it looks promising. If I’m certain that it is reliable, I’ll send some to interested users for testing under the condition that they give me some feedback about the case and the module.


If the files aren’t simply too big, you can try to manually change the suffix to an accepted suffix (.jpg or the like), upload it and then edit the file name in your posting’s text back to what it is supposed to be (and/or tell folks to do the same to the file they download from here again).


Tried it, it says it can’t determine the size of the “image”