Ordering #dic entries by name

I would suggest, that the #dic entries are sorted in an alphabetic order instead of by date.
That way it would be much more easy to use it like a real dictionary.

Of course I do understand, that it is equally important to point out new or changed entries; so maybe it would be possible to just add the option for displaying the topics by alphabetical order (besides new, latest and the like).


Good idea, but I think you’ll have to search/ask for this function on meta.discourse.org/.

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Thanks for that hint.
Tbh I am completely lost in that kind of tech-forum.
My search for “alphabetic sorting” showed, that this feature has been asked for regularely, but the majority obviously regards it as against the principles of Discourse.

To me it seems, that in the thread Sort topics (within category) in alphabetical order by default the thread-opener presents a way to allow the user to sort the entries alphabetically.
I just have no idea, if this could be used for this forum and who would have to do the programming.

Everything from here on is lost on me and tbh I have neither the time nor the desire to start a crash-course in programming. :wink:

So, if someone more able than me has an idea …

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