Order pending ? (Fairphone 2)

Hi !
I ordered a Fairphone 2 few days ago. However, my order is still pending.
I didn’t pay yet, I chosed to pay by bank transfer. But I have no idea about how to do that ! I didn’t receive any mail or any information about the account I have to send the money to.

What can I do ?

I was thinking about cancelling this order and make a new one to pay by credit card. But i’m not sure if it’s possible, I cannot see any cancelling button.

Thank you for your help !!


Check out these support pages:
I cannot find my payment details or bank transfer information’ and also 'Troubleshooting issues with your bank transfer
Apparently there should be an e-mail from Buckaroo that has instructions on how to pay, but it sometimes ends up in spam.

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