Order pending and unable to cancel

I ordered something on Dec 23 (#149748). During the order process I was not directed to the PayPal Website and the status was “pending”.
This happend with my last order in summer as well. After writing to the support they cancelled my order and I made a new one.
However, this time I wrote an email to the support again (on the same day) that I was unable to finish my order. Until now: no reply. As the automatic response tells me to not “email us multiple times with the same request.” I want to see if I have more luck with contacting you via this forum.
I would cancel the order by myself, sure, but there is no option for that in the order list…

Please, I want to buy something and give you my hard earned money :money_with_wings: - I just need some support as your shop is obviously not working correctling when using a tablet and choosing Paypal (at least twice in my case).
Best regards, Sarah :smile:

This is a community forum, so: No.

Give them a call. That usually solves everything fast.

Ok, I understand that. But how come others got reply from the support here regarding their problems?

There was a time when support was swamped and lots of people posted their support ticket numbers in the forum to get faster replies, but then the support team decided to stop that because while it sped up the request for one person, all in all it just added to the workload.
Now the queue is worked through and support requests are usually answered fast, but sometimes some fall through in which case it’s best to call them.

Thanks! This is an helpful answer. I will do so (and hope that no one there rips off my head as the quote from their automatic response somehow keeps me from daring to contact them).

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