Order FP2 later

I am pretty satisfied with FP1, he’s stil working fine and I don’t feel the need to buy a new phone. But you never know when the phones needs to be replaced. If I want to buy a new phone later in de year or lets say in spring 2016, will this be possible or do you need to join the presale that just started?

You don’t have to preorder now. These preorders are just for the first batch of FP2’s but Fairphone is going to sell them for a while, probably still by the end of 2016 or even longer as far as I remember :wink:

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Hope the spares (especially batteries) and hardware / software upgrades continue long after 2016 … most of us won’t even get one before 2016!

My motorola defy(s) date from 2011 and I can still get spares for them (made by slaves doubtless, but spares all the same) sadly the software updates stopped after 12 months.

FP1 even will receive software updates for three years after its release:


So no need to worry! :slight_smile: