Order a fairphone with an alternative OS pre-installed?

Actually I am a bit puzzled about why there is not yet a working multi or at least dual boot solution to satisfy several user group expectations as many private users know and also have for their personal computers. Me too btw.
I think in FP2 is enough internal storage available and we also have a separate sd card slot too.
There are solutions out there for less open platforms, but as it looks no one up to now has tinkered to get this done on the open FP2 platform.


This sounds like a form of sandbox, emulation or virtualization. Until now I have never heard of something similar on any smartphone as I now such things from conventional computers. I know about and also use emulators for the Playstation and Amiga system. Which still is different than a full simultaneous virtualization of another OS. It would be nice to have but I think development is not yet far enough and Google is still in the way.

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