Optional Camera Upgrade for Fairphone

I really like the idea of the Fairphone and my next phone will most certainly be a fairphone.
The only downside for me (as a foto enthusiast) is the midrange camera.

So I would really appreciate if there would be an optional camera upgrade for the next fairphone version. I could imagine that there is the standard camera available, and some kind of Pro-Package with a bigger sensor simply improving the quality of the pictures.

I know it’s not only a hardware issue, also a software issue.

Is there something already in progress regarding such a topic?

As already mentione many times: the hardware is not the problem its the software and its being worked on, on all devices


Hi, new forum member, considering a FP5. As it stands, serious reservations with the poor image output. Been through this wirh the OP7 and they never made it better. OP saw the money in the OP8 and it became a non priority.

Searched quite deep to undersatand the current status of FP5 camera software updates. I can see that the discussions have been going on for a very long time and still noy even a projected date for the “fix.”

Does make me ask the question, why launch without it made good in the first place?! And that is worrying as it implies there is too much launch pressure and not enough employed skill and resource.

Curious what is going on currently?


How do you know that without having one?
Maybe it’s better to check the camera out by yourself before assuming such… (e.g. in a shop selling the phone, in a community meetup, etc.)


Hello, and welcome.
I am a new owner FP5. I am not always satisfied with my pictures but when I checked what the others did with their FP5, FP5 - Pictures Gallery, I realized my skills are quite limited.
So I guess it depends what your expectations and skills are. However, it is hard to expect a fix when something is not broken.

Many people and reviewers reported a significant improvement in terms of camera experience between FP4 and FP5, so again I am not sure why not calling it good.


Are you mixing FP4 and FP5 as I dont see any long ongoing discussions for the FP5 which is only available for approx 3 months?


Hi Yvonne and thanks for replying. Just refering to the FP5. The Press had not been kind and the DxOMark testing and ranking is very low for £650 price tag.

Thank you Meaghan for replying. A number of respected reviews have not been kind and the DxOMark testing and ranking is very low for a phone at that price point. Soft image quality, over processed (noise) and often drab colour rendition. Sounds however that you are happy with what you are getting.

Well the price isnt comparable as the FP5 is higher for reasons, or you have to compare it with lower priced mid-range devices.

So your comment was a bit exaggerated in my opinion, as there is no long ongoing discussion or any specific proposed fix expected. For sure FP is working on the Software

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Hi Volker.

Sorry, didn’t mean to offend.

I’m not assuming. The serious reviews and DxOMark score ranking are particularly bad. Perhaps all of them are wrong of course. Even Fairphone admits it’s not ideal, are saying its the software, that they are working on a fix…

I have raised a valid, fact backed concern. I have no axecto grind. I assumed a reasonable and friendly forum, but finding it rather defensive. Months is not an exaggeration and DxOMark 108th is not exactly even mediocre. You yourself in Sept said,“the hardware is not the problem its the software and its being worked on…”

Well I’m sure I said such especially about the FP4 when people asked for hardware upgrades for the FP4, so I still feel you mix FP4 and FP5 at least when you base your statement on forum discussions, so far the community statements about the pictures where quite positive in my eyes.

And as you keep on mentioning Dxomark feel free to discuss here

And reg work in progress so still not sure what exact fix you are looking at.


I can see you have a vested interest and this is quite personal for you and I will respect that and thank you.

Hi @EarlGrey999 and welcome to the forum!

While camera quality is a tough topic to discuss (as many aspects remain subjective and difficult to assess in a scientific way), I can tell you that FP5 camera quality and reactivity have been worked on constantly since the launch of the device.

We have provided several camera improvements with the first software update after the product launch (back in September) and other camera improvements (auto-focus in portrait mode, fix for malfunction of the just saved picture when SD card is the main storage, etc.) will be delivered with the next software update.
And more camera issues are under investigation and/or in progress.

I cannot guarantee this will dramatically improve the DXOMARK score, but it certainly addresses some specific issues or performance problems that were reported to us by users or the press.

In regards to FP4, as already confirmed before, a broader camera quality improvement is a work in progress and we aim to deliver it somewhere in the first half of next year (I am sorry I cannot be more precise at the moment) :slight_smile:


Hello again
Not sure what you mean by vested interest, and what kind of forum you had in mind.
I am a relatively new person here so I can just share some of my impressions.
The forum run mostly by volunteers focuses on helping solving issues with existing phones. So for example if you don’t know how to do sth, you can browse the forum to find an answer. Some issues are trickier and people are also using the forum to vent. There are also kind of general discussions on FP policies, marketing, alike.

What people understand here is that not everyone is interested in FP, so we hardly see any kind of persuasion. If the phone does not meet your expectations, that’s your decision to make.


I think, I and others tried to find out what your specific issue is. I havent seen a response to that and instead in my eyes a repetition of a rather general comment.


Thank you both. We can leave it there.