Opening AOL email attachments on Fairphone 3+

Dear Fairphone community

Does anyone else use AOL as their email ISP?
If so how do I open email attachments? They say they have downloaded but don’t open
Help please
David Walker

Hi and welcome to the forum.

I don’t use AOL but usually email attachments are a specific type of file, usually an image file (jpg, png, gif) or a text document (txt, doc) or maybe an html file.

What type of files are you having problems with?

Hi David,

What solution are you using for getting your e-mail on the phone? Is this webmail (through a web browser, if so which one?) or an app such as Gmail, Aol or whatever?

Can you confirm you’re using stock Fairphone Android (the OS that was pre-installed on the phone) and also specify whether you’re using a SD memory card (and if so, how, either extension of internal memory or external / removable).

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