Open Source Software

Why do you not think about your phone to bring it up to open source?
For me was your Idea the step to next centuary. I am proud to talk about fair deals.
Right now i am thinking about shame on me. It is unbelievable that I have a Fairphone 1st-Edition with is only running with GOOGLe.
My aspect was to get a phone with “your Idea” + a free os.
Sorry. Fair-phone for my understanding is to get a fair phone (i think i got it) AND get a choice to get a free, open OS.
Sorry, but in this time the free OS it is also important (for me) to get a free OS (e.g. sailfish, ubuntu). It is unbelievable that you sell a fair phone which isn’t avabaible to get a “free” OS because you choose a really bad chipset , that not avalable to get free.
This reallly sucks. I recommended a lot of people to get the fairphone. But think about it.
Please include the open source strategy in your mind. Without it, i think, you will loose.
Wish all supplier and you fair deals and best regards

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first of all: Android is not a Google only OS and it is already OpenSource. Google apps aren’t needed to run the Fairphone.

second: There are many similar threads already on the forum. Please browse around a bit.

third: It is already possible to install CyanogenMod. Might be worth a look.

fourth: We already have a poll (inofficial) regarding the further development of the Fairphone OS. Might also be worth a look.




I think there’s not much to add to that :slight_smile: