Open source Google camera - Photon Camera

Hello, I though about buying that phone, but I afraid to much slow SoC.

Yes, I know nobody need high end SoC for Facebook, Instagram, messenger etc.
But here is a open source variant Google Camera, called Photon Camera under GPLv3.0.

Anyone tried this? It would be appreciated if anyone try install apk from GitHub and test CPU, GPU and Hybrid align.

I really wonder if Photon Camera works on Fairphone.


What phone? The FP3+

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Yes, I though about buying Fairphone 3+, but I don’t if it have enough performance to use Photon Camera.

Image stacking is really heavy for performance CPU & GPU.


Where is the link for the apk, without using google play?


OK I’ve found it


Ok downloaded. Will install and let you know how it works:)

Just to note, it might be that FP4 5G will be introduced the next weeks

Here is a latest GitHub version with fully working hybrid align.

Hmm that sound nice, I’ll wait for that.
I wish to get enough good SoC, if yes.

I’ll buy and create video on my YouTube and recommend all friends around me who want root, privacy, custom ROMs etc.

That’s all we know

Just installed, no problem but I haven’y used many options and am unlikely to. is there anything special you would like to know about?

By the way the screen layout is a bit off, but then it is a beta production. Top icons a bit off screen and large bottom control uses lots of screen space, but it seems to work fine.
Here is a full screenshot.

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Here is a closeup from about 90mm.

I noted the app ahs the option of using the bayer filter or not, so I questioned this aspect and took the same image with each option.
The image below is a section magnified by 618%, very little diff, but would have to do other, maybe outdoor images to check more. Both were saved as jpg and the on-screen comparison is a png as i wanted to crop out some of my desktop.

original images are



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I know about that a little bit issues with scale UI.

Just try to capture picture in “photo” mode, after that go to the settings and find option called “align method” and try hybrid.

Hybrid mode cause the use CPU & GPU power together to process images.

You can also try enable raw mode, that images is perfect for edditing and I use raw from Photon Camera as pocket replacment for DSLR.

You can find more recent version of app in Telegram group, or if you want it I can send you latest version from testing group.

Thanks I’m fine with Nikita but will try Photon for a while.
Live long and prosper :vulcan_salute:


I fully understand, Photon Camera still need a lot of work, but I’m happy - i know now Photon Camera can works on Fairphone! Thank you :wink:

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Tested it for a few minutes and it’s slow. Consider waiting for next fairphone, the FP3 is not a good phone to take pictures. I have bugs with the native camera app. And macro, especially, is really not a thing here. I hope next phone would do better on that matter :slightly_smiling_face:

I wonder if you adjusted the settings. The first option > Frame count. Anything other than 1 requires processing before the image is saved, which makes it seems slow. The default is 30 ??

I have no problem in saving, it takes a second, not two.

What exactly do you find slow?

Processing time, try to hybrid align.

If I knew what hybrid align was and does and thought it was a defining feature I may use it. How is it even achieved i see no such setting ??

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