'Open' & 'Libre' Office Documents

I was looking for an app to open Libre Office spreadsheets.

Although there is the
LibreOffice & OpenOffice document reader in F-Droid I didn’t find it useable. It lost a fair bit of interpretation graphically and editing was painful more .

However I found this.
Collabora It’s about 100Mb and the first time it took more than a minute to open a file. But now it seems fine, maybe it has it in cache :slight_smile:


Thanks. I saw that but thought it was only a reader. Will see if it can edit :slight_smile:

Just installed: I note it is 3 years old for an ‘older’ Android OS

UPDATE: Opens quickly but patchy and can’t find any edit option

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Thanks for this tip! Collabora are good people with an upstream-first mentality when it comes to open source software. They employ a handful of people to contribute to all the open source graphics drivers, which is how I know of them. Definitely a party I trust not to build a business model over the backs of other people’s privacy.


Correct. You spoke only from “open”, nothing from edit

I can say from my own experience that this app is trash. I don’t remember exactly why, but I do remember that I absolutely hated it (I think it mainly crashed constantly and never properly worked)

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Collabora Office works fine here on FP2 and FP4.
If I remember it right, the LibreOffice Viewer is ok for viewing documents but buggy in the experimental mode for editing documents.


Collabora Office works best for me.
It is also available via their F-Droid repository:


Maybe that was a while ago and it’s Ok now ?

That’s a good solution. :+1:

Because of the size and the first time startup, The LibreOffice Reader is still an option for some people if they just want to read a document quickly without editing it, I think.

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I think you can import and export ods files into google docs.

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Collabora Office works fine here on a FP3+.

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