Open Hardware Licence, or not ? (OHL)

I was earing the Fairephone was build based an open licence for the hardware. Is it the case ?


Published at 12.06.2013 - Viewed: 1410 times - Fairphone (Worldwide)
Fairphone has a strong focus on open source, open hardware and open design practices

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I don’t think the current Fairphone models can be called Open Source Hardware as the hardware design / PCB layout has not been made public.

Is it already published?

If FP made it’s hardware Open (licensed), that would be a huge deal-maker. Stallmanists can currently not really own a modern smartphone, and even if FP devices are not top-of-the-line, they are certainly up to par with modern standards.

FairPhone would dominate the market for all of us.

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It would already be great to have 100% open source hardware drivers.

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