Only Whatsapp/Instant Messenger calls work

Hi there, I have a problem with placing and receiving calls on my FP1. I don’t hear the person on the other end of the line and the person does not hear me which suggests that both, the microphone and the earpiece are not working. However, if I call the same person via Whatsapp, it works perfectly fine.

How old is your SIM card? Have you talked to your carrier? Maybe there is a problem on their side.

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It’s actually not too old. Maybe two years and i didn’t move it a lot. I didn’t talk to my varrier yet though.

I do have normal network reception though.

Two years is usually old enough to consider it the most likely reason for such issues.

Does this also apply if I have perfect reception?

Yes, that’s also what the official troubleshooting guide (for the FP2) suggests. Maybe you should go though it to make sure you didn’t miss anything else, but my bet is on the SIM card.

Thanks. I’ll look into that solution.

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