Only ONE homescreen after update, unable to add more

Hi there!
I’ve just updated my fairphone and the update has left me with a single empty homescreen. I’ve tried dragging widgets across to the right, both from the homescreen and from the add widget screen as described elsewhere with no luck.

Is there anything else I can do to resolve this?


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New homescreens are added “on demand”:

  • Add widget or app icon to homescreen
  • Tap and hold that widget/app
  • At the bottom of the homescreen you see a little + sign next to the small circle/dot that indicates the current screen. The + sign is probably to the right of the circle/dot. This means that you can create a new homescreen on the current one’s right hand side.
  • Drag the widget/app to the right edge (as if there were another screen) and a new screen will be created.
  • Drop your widget/app there.

Now you have two homescreens.

If you remove all apps/widgets from such an extra screen, it will be removed automatically.

[Edit: This question is also answered in this longer list of potential problems: Fairphone update 1.8 bugs/issues + fixes collection! Please check before posting!]

Two big issues with that version:
1 Only able to add a widget to the right, if I want to add a second page, I have to add at the right them move everything thing that should be on the right of it, on the right.
2 Cannot have an empty page.

  1. True and false: Only able to add add widgets and apps to the right, but there is no need to move everything manually. It is possible sort the panels touching the settings button, hold a paneld and drag it to the new position.
  2. True

Jack, if you press a shortcut to move it, will it appear a small plus simbols on the bottom of the screen?