"Only emergency calls"

My phone keeps doing this thing where it’s telling me there’s no signal and I can only make “emergency calls”, which obvs. makes me unable to send or receive text messages and calls. The only solution so far is to take the sim card out and then put it in again, which I am sure everyone can imagine is frustrating, esp since taking on and off the phone cover is kind of a pain in the ass + it takes a while to turn the phone off and on again.

The first time this happened I called my phone company, Telia, about the problem, but they couldn’t find any and were the first ones to suggest I remove the sim card and then put it back in. After doing it the first time I hoped that would be it and that the problem wouldn’t come back, at least not for a good while, but now it does this frequently and I’ve found no other solution than the removal and reinsertion of the sim card.

Is it a problem with the phone or could it actually be the sim card?

In fact, it could be both.

Although I think it’s the SIM that causes your problem. I had similar symptoms shortly before my SIM card died. In my case, I’m quite sure that the incompatibility between a certain SIM version of my German provider Congstar and certain phones (p.e. One Plus One) affects FP2 as well. As far as I know, (at least in Germany) only Congstar is affected, but you could try a web search with “Telia” and “One Plus One” to see if there’s a pattern.

How old is your SIM card? Did you already test it in another phone and/or tried another SIM in your phone?

I got same issue with my phone. I’m with Salt, Switzerland. The sim worked fine with a Lenovo phone before.