Only charging when off


I have already replaced my usb-c port once, this one is practically new (bought it in December). Everything was working fine, until one night that the phone didn’t charge. I figured the port wasn’t working well again and after some attempts I found a position where it charges. Still, when the phone is on it says it’s charging but it keeps switching from fast charging-slowly charging and it doesn’t charge. If the phone is off it charges rapidly. What should I do? Replace the port again?

Thank you,

Could you try another cable?

Yes, of course, I tried different cables and different plugs until I found that the position of the cable on the usb-c port made a difference.

Do you need to pull the cable upwards if the phone is placed on its back? In my case, the USB port broke off the circuit board and when I apply pressure on it like that, it’s connecting and charging again. You could disassemble it again or check your last port if it’s this failure. If so, I would claim warranty on your spare part.