Online return form : g or kg?

It’s a very basic question, but the return form requests my to enter the weight of the package, and I can only enter a number. I wouldn’t want anything to go wrong because I mistakenly entered that the box is 1g or 350kg heavy :confused:
However, I can’t go on with the return form (or go to bed… I work nights :expressionless: ) without the answer to this 1 letter question. An answer would be very very much appreciated :grinning:

Well, I’ll act crazy (go outside my comfort zone, etc etc…) and enter the grams value (it also makes more sense O:) ). If it’s eventually a problem, it will just be another adventure :blush:
(by the way, no answer on the forum is something to be expected in 1 hour time, but no answer on Twitter either :frowning: )

If I were to take a guess I’d say it’s in grams, because packages less than 1kg are very common and it would be odd to enter a decimal.

The value is in kg, but the input is ignored by the backend process and always set to 2 kg (That’s what I saw).
The value of the company name is always replaced with the value ‘Fairphone’.
If you need your company name you have to add the company name in Customer name too.

Thanks for the info :smiley: Glad it’s ignored by the backed process and the courrier won’t expect a 350 kilos box -_-

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