Online ordering of Fairphone 2 doesn't work

It says online that you can now pre-order, and I am perfectly willing - eager - to pay in advance, but all I can find in the online shop is the chance to be emailed when they are available again.
What am I missing? Carolin1


Right now you cannot pre-order an FP2 from Fairphone. However, a few resellers might still have stock:


Probably they don’t want to charge you much in advance and prefer to email you when the mobile is available. So, good for you :slight_smile:

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Especially, when paying in advance has no influence on the delivery timetable.

Good advice.
E.g. memolife has the FP2 available except for the “indigo” cover, for which it states “orderd on request - delivery time max. 9 weeks”.
vireo on the other hand gives 50 to 80 days for delivery.

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Thanks for this. But if you are doing something ‘exciting’, would I be a
fool to buy existing stock?
Cheers, carolin1

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