One year old fairphone2 and a lot of problems

HI, I almost had my fairphone2 a year and now i got a little tired of all the problems with it. I’ve tried to fix issues via this site, but is it really necessary too buy all the parts new.
Here are my issues:

  1. When calling or receiving a call the other person can’t hear me.
  2. when plugin headset its just sparking after a little while. I tried several and all have the same problem.
  3. The loudspeaker wont work ore are so low I cant use it.
  4. When making a video the sound on the tape is very low
  5. The screen suddenly goes black or freeze so I have to restart.
  6. The battery is drained after just 4 hours, I’ve have upgraded to newest system month ago but didn’t seem to help
  7. My cover have broken again around the volume button, this was fixed last time when giving me a new cover.
  8. It wont charge on all charges, in the car no(is to low Volt according to your troubleshooting site) And I was hoping to charge it with portable solar charger, but it has the same problems. when charging the phone gets very burning hot.
  9. Sometimes the volume button is locked on silent, have to restart to get it up again

Well I am fan of the fairphone idea, but now is it so that I have to pay for all this new parts to get it working after just one year? I have sent a support tickets on this, and are wondering if anyone have this much trouble with it? (sorry my english, I am Norwegian)

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Warranty should be two years according to this note:

So if you have handled your phone with care, just send it to Fairphone and get a refurbished one for free at least.

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I don’t know, but I did not have any of those technical problems people are talking about here. But I don’t like the OS, but that is a comfort issue. I used Cyanogenmod for the last years, and now I am on LineageOS again. I missed all those features, and I call myself a power user. Even with FP Open I had no bigger issues. Sometimes I think, the Gapps cause many of those problems. Maybe you should give a Google-free FP Open or Lineage a try. Together with F-droid.


You have it only by now or before, maybe one after another or the like?
I have none of the problems mentioned, except battery performance with Android 6 when actively using 2 SIM cards.

Hi, I have trouble with a least your mentioned issues No. 1, 2, 5, 6, 7… If it was one of the standard brands, I would have probably long lost my patience! Having said all that, it is easily forgotten which troubles I had with my previous Apple iPhone 4, which was also not perfect…

Seems like you should reply for a new bottom module:
1.You have trouble from the mic when on calls(bottom module).
2. Think this is a software problem(heard of it before.
3. loudspeaker is also(bottom module).
4. video mic is also(bottom module). (i think)?
5. ?
6. The battery is very depended on how you use the phone, personally i got mush more power from A-6.0.
7. I have the new Slim-cover, it is ready good.
8. could be related to a faulty (Bottom module).
9. ?

I have had several chats with the support team, and they are very helpful. - Give it a try :smile:


@ModularKing That’s a really constructive post, well done.

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Hi, my FP2 is 14-month old and it is working like a Swiss clock, although I lately got the impression that the battery is ageing. And the few people I know who also bought a FP2 are equally happy with it. The Android upgrade to 6.0.1 did not make much change but I did not expect any.
So, I suppose that the people who are here reporting faults or imperfections are unlucky. However, it would be interesting to know if I belong to an immense majority or to a mall minority of satisfied users. Statistically speaking, it is normal that only the unsatisfied people are visible on this forum. Am I right?


I would agree. Plus, given that is is probably the 5th or 6th thread with more or less the same title, it is also getting boring to constantly repeat the same arguments or that my own phone works fine since Dec. 2015.

@nefertari did @ModularKing’s post (or another post) help you and what issues still remain we can help you with?

@everyone-else: A little reminder: This is a #fairphone2help topic, so please only reply if you can help.

Let’s wait for @nefertari to report back and help her instead of discussing whatever.

I have also suffered a number of issues with my FP2, having replaced two bottom modules and one top (all for free so far). I have also now replaced the back (that was quite expensive) with the new design, which does seem much better. I suspect that my battery is going to be my next issue.

Apart from the inconvenience of having an out of action phone when modules die, it raises the question of how environmentally friendly is the phone in reality when I have a pile of defunct components that I can’t do anything with. I have will have almost replaced the whole phone in a little under two years.

I also don’t think it is helpful to suggest people install non-standard operating systems, this can’t be the way forward if we want people to buy into the ‘movement’.


I do have the same concerns regarding the durability. I have received my second bottom module. I am happy to receive it for free. Yet I am a little worried that they don’t ask the faulty one back. I guess they know the issue, yet they still deliver faulty ones.
I also would like to see those modules recycled in a way.
Furthermore, I also have the problem with the broken cover. I am hoping to get a replacement soon.
I did order an extra battery as I have the experience that batteries only last one year.
Which it did.

I agree that Fairphone is entitled to more wiggle room. Yet I do hope they learn and increase the quality of the design.

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This was getting off topic. #fairphone2help topics are there to help each other and not to have a discussion about Fairphone in general.