One sim works, other doesn't

I recently got a new sim (since I’ve moved abroad). In the beginning it worked ok for calls and texts, but I got hardly any connectivity (should have had 4G, only got “edge”). Now I’m down to no coverage at all. I went into the shop (vodafone in the UK), where the guy tried putting the sim in his own phone. There, it worked perfectly (so he didn’t offer to give me a new sim, since it seemed to be a problem with the phone). However, I have never had any problems with my old sim card, which still works flawlessly. Switching the two sim cards didn’t solve the issue.

has anyone had any problems with this? the faulty sim is less than a month old.

edit: the guy in the shop did try putting in the correct setting for the sim, so that is unlikely to be the issue.

You’ll have to disable 4G on the other SIM as only one SIM can have 4G.

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