On the boot time of my encrypted FP2 with FP Open OS

I noticed that booting my FP2 takes quite a long time. I use FP-open with an encrypted phone and no SD-card. When switching the phone on, it takes more than one minute until the password prompt for the decryption pops up. I created a bootchart, the pdf file is attached to this post.
bootchart.pdf (61.0 KB)
As you can see, in the beginning almost nothing is happening. Still it takes so long. Is this normal or expected? (I think not. Other phones boot much faster.)

If anyone is interested to record a bootchart themselves, I did it in the following way:

  1. I use termux to work with a terminal on my phone.
  2. I become superuser with su and then I modify echo 240 > /data/bootchart/start. This tells the system to record 240 seconds of data after the next boot. (When I’m done below, I remove this file again rm /data/bootchart/start.)
  3. I reboot the phone. Some files (proc_ps.log and others) are created in the folder /data/bootchart.
  4. I copy all these files to an empty folder on my PC and I pack them into a tar archive: tar -czf bootchart.tgz *.
  5. I run pybootchartgui bootchart.tgz to create an image showing the boot process.

I think it’s quite normal for encrypted phones. I had my phone encrypted for a while on Lineage OS and it also took about a minute. Now that it’s not encrypted anymore (not my choice, but update issue) it takes a few seconds.

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But encrypted FP1 was much faster, wasn’t it?

Maybe. I never encrypted my FP1.
I guess the question would be whether other phones with the same Android version are faster/slower.

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