On-going slow charging issue with my FP 4, (using wallsocket)

Having intermittent charging issue with my FP 4, purchased during original launch.
Previously it very occasionally went into " slow charging" mode which I managed to w and oldresolve by unplugging and plugging.
Now it is permanently on slow charging! I have tried changing charging leads both new and old but still the problem persists.
Waiting for 7hours chargingis not viable and if I use it whilst on charge the battery level drops drastically.
Last night I put it to charge overnight and it’s not charged at all instead I woke up to 7% battery life.
Could this be that I need to; buy a new battery or could it be a faulty charging port? I had get power and volume buttons replaced recently so I’m now thinking there might be a further issue.
Surely normal non business usage shouldn’t wear out a battery this quick!
Any suggestions that a " non techy" can understand would be appreciated.

Well, basically there are two possibilities what could be going wrong: The “supply” and the “demand” side. The former would be your hardware – you mentioned the battery and the charging port, but I’d rather think of the charging plug (wall plug) and cable here. The latter (demand) would be apps or system consuming overly much energy. Apps can run wild and keep using too much energy when they actually should be in a “stand-by” or “sleeping” mode.

A while ago, I noticed how an FP4 I have had here since February would keep stopping to charge (at the wall socket) after just a few percentages. I put it on the very old wall plug (a 17 year old Apple iPod charging plug) which gets somewhat hot during charging. When I charge the FP4 on my (also quite old) desktop computer, I never get this problem (and while it’s not charging fast, it’s takes nowhere near your 7 hours).

So you might want to specify your charging equipment (esp. the plug) here so perhaps other (more knowledgeable than me :innocent: ) forum members might be able to judge if it’s really fit for the “thirst” of the FP4.

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I agree and I’m sure Fairphone will too.

If you search for slow charging you will find a number of topics dealing with the issue and any advice here would be the same and repetitive.

  • Rule out battery bloating by doing a spin test.
  • If not the leads/cables then clearly you can try an alternative charger
  • Clean the USB port
  • Once you have done the above and read other topics to ensure you have covered other people’s attempts contact Fairphone and they will no doubt have you send it in for repairs.

It may be just the bottom module has tarnished contacts, dirty and fluff stopping the plug inserting properly.

By you plugging and unplugging with fluff, moisture and oil may form compacted debris that distorts the contacts.

The repair maybe free if it isn’t considered a problem of your lack of care, and of course, as all the above takes some time you may want to buy a new USB module and replace it yourself.

If that is the problem you can still send it in with the faulty module where it may be replaced under warranty, given the aforementioned caveat, and you will have a spare bottom module for future use ~ but again it will take a while.

All the above has been said many times and I’m rather disappointed to see the same queries asked again and again.

You can search the forum for confirmation and more info.
Here’s and example of a search on just two words [slow charging]


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I did check out other threads regarding the issue but didn’t find one that appeared applicable.
I have been using an Anker PowerPoint adapter wall plug which has a dual USB socket, with this I’ve tried all combinations using different charger leads both old and new. All of which have worked perfectly with other devices. I’ve also tried my tablet (Samsung) adapter wall plug.
As regards cleaning charger socket, I’m not sure how to do that and don’t want to compromise the warranty. I have seen it suggested that a cottonbud dipped in alcohol can be used, is that recommended or do you have a procedure in mind short of dismantling the phone.
Also how do I check if battery is bloated.

I forgot to mention I have checked battery usage, apps on standby using power and that’s normal with none using on standby or 8n background.

it’s leaning more towards FP issue with battery most likely.
Yesterday my daughter cleaned port and used her own fastcharger which worked a treat charged to 99% when I left there.
Three hours later after playing some solitaire and some browsing/research down to 8% again… charged overnight with my new charger lead in Anker adapter 31% and its going down now even though its on charge!
Going to contact support now…

Clean with a thin needle or high pressure air. There are posts on this. If you think cleani g the USB port will void the earranty then maybe aswage your concerns by contacting Fairpone.

The “spin test”: take the battery out of the phone and lie it flat on a smooth flat surface. Then try to get it to spin. Any propensity to spin while lying on a flat surface indicates the presence of a slight bulge, or “bloating”.


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