(old) FP3 camera module in (new) FP3+

I’d like to know if the FP3+ accepts the back camera module from the original FP3. Due to some exchanging back and forth in my circle of acquaintances this would be the ideal way to handle things for us.

I’m asking because I know due to drivers or whatnot the other way around (FP3+ module in old FP3) was not a simple matter of plug and play; also apparently the FP3+’ core module has changed a bit from the original.

I’m not sure if standard Google-Android will run on the phone or /e/. Would that make a difference? I’d be really glad if some more tech-savvy users can help me.

From what I understand, the + camera requires at least Android 10, which makes it not work on /e/OS still, but otherwise the cameras are both just replaceable as-is (/e/OS for Fairphone 3 is still on Android 9 as we speak, the Android 10 version is in beta but not pushed out to regular users yet).

I haven’t tested this though but from all I understand about it I have no reason to believe that the regular camera won’t work on the 3+.

The core module changes also means that /e/OS on the Fairphone 3+ does not have a working microphone (at least, the stable Android 9 version does not, it should work in the Android 10 beta).


/e/OS android 10 is official for FP3(+) since last week :smiley:

Same here.


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Oh, interesting. It hasn’t been pushed out as an update to those on Android 9 yet though.

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Until now it must also be reinstalled.

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Thanks to all who have weighed in!

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