Ok, here we go....my problems with FP2


I started looking for threads on similar problems for my phone, but there are several at once, so hence a new thread.

  • camera problems:

When I want to take a picture the screen stays black and says - no connection-
If I keep on trying to start up the camera, the phone tends to reboot. After it started up again the battery starts to plumnit down ( like 1% every 3-5 seconds). The phone also keeps on rebooting until the battery is depleted or when I plug it in.

  • Screen problems:

At random use, vertical lines start to show up from top to bottom and fill the entire screen, like a stretched barcode. Remarkably, the hour indication/clock stays visible through the lines. It then dims down to a black screen. I have to put the phone off-and-on to be able to work with it again.
This problem is often followed by a reboot loop and depletion of battery life.

Can someone recognize this problem and tell me what to do to fix it?



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Looks like either an issue with the motherboard or bad/shortened connections. I’d try to open up the phone, remove and fix again camera and screen (ideally also other modules). Maybe you would also see if anything got damaged.
Did you recently carry the phone in your back pocket? I just did this once with mine and it did not like being bent that way.


When disassembling the phone, please take the time to clean the contacts before putting it back together again.
You can take some medical alcohol (>90%) and a q-tip to do so.

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