(offtopic) Postal survey in Finland, Sweden, Island or Luxembourg

Hi there,
I hope I don’t bother you this!

UNEX is a post quality survey, the task of the participant would be to send and receive testletters, an report them dates back to UNEX, as described here:
As reward you can choose between little gifs, vouchers, or donate it to charity, expected reward value is from 50€ up.

I’m doing this for some 15 years now, and it’s not a big burden, so maybe you are interested, and/or want to help me to get some extra points hohoho

Dear Franz

UNEX is expanding and you will be rewarded for your help!

Participants are our source for advertising – you know best what UNEX is about and how we work together. Therefore, join our campaign and promote UNEX!

The campaign is valid from today and ends the 30th November 23:59.
Legal process and cash payments are excluded.

You get one of the five gifts shown below for every active participant in our survey that you have verifiably recruited.

These are the rules for this campaign:

  1.   You recruit a person, living in Finland, Sweden, Island or Luxembourg. This person complies to all our criteria and can be included successfully in our survey.*
  2.   The enlisted person registers her-/himself at our webpage www.ipsos-post-survey.com.
  3.   You reply to this email (askUNEX@ipsos.com) with the NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS and the DATE of registration of your recruited person, as well as what you want as REWARD for the promotion. We will review the registration, if the person isn’t registered by your email, your promotion is invalid.
  4.   The status of your enlisted person is reviewed regularly and if the person becomes active and performs well to our rules you will get your wished desired gift
  5.   Your enlisted person will receive bonus points in the amount of 10 € as start bonus. 
  • main criteria for UNEX participants:
  • live in the requested areas

  • live in single houses, duplexes, apartment buildings etc., but NOT in student dormitories, retirement homes, houseboats, …

  • willing to send and receive test items from and/or to other participants

  • are 18 or older

  • don´t work for media, market research, courier companies, or a postal operator

  • would like to participate for some month

We look forward to hearing from you!

Best regards

@d2w I personally don’t have a problem with you posting this, but I think maybe other people and/or FP staff doesn’t like to have “ads” of companies not in any ways related to FP or their beliefs on their Forum… :confused:

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Of course I’ll will remove this post immediately if it is disliked too much.

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