Official LineageOS is here!

Just successfully migrated to the 1st official build that was made this morning, 20171024 (thanks @chrmhoffmann for all your work) !

Follow these instructions when coming from other OS than Lineage!

Instructions to get on the official build from this unofficial OTA build without factory resetting:

  1. Download these files:
    a. The new migration zip (SHA512)
    b. Get the latest official nightly build from here
    c. Add the latest if you didn’t already (webroot / SHA256).
    d. (Optionally, if you still want root) get the su arm 14.1 addon from here (this is not included in the official builds by default!)
    e. (Optionally) download the latest ARM 7.1 OpenGapps if you want to update the Google Apps here
    f. (Optionally) if using microG, download Tingle for patching the system to get signature spoofing (no need to re-flash @Roboe’s OTA-survival microG, but per-release patching is required). Update 2017-11-20: You could also use this LineageOS release with mircroG already inside
  2. Put them on the SD card
  3. Boot into TWRP and make a backup!
  4. Queue the files in the order that you downloaded them: first migration zip, then release, then modem and then optionally su & opengapps. Flash!
  5. (Optionally) Patch the system with Tingle right from TWRP.
  6. Reboot! First reboot will take a long time as it rebuilds ART cache.

P.s. This release does have the charging LED fixed.


Wow, this is great!!! I just yelled out of excitement! :joy: :tada: :trophy:


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I would still invite the community to switch to nightly now so that I get more feedback. The battery consumption is not great but should not be that much worse than before. I would also like to see battery consumption from people who don’t use Google apps.



Be aware: these are migration instructions! If you are a user running any other OS than LOS, use these instructions instead:


I am on the @chrmhoffmann’s OTA channel. How can I change between official nightly and stable channels?

I am not known with any other OTA then this one.
If you are on another I can’t help you as I don’t have the signing keys of this OTA to build you a migration zip.

Edit: We’ve worked it out in a private message.


Note: The file contains a md5 sum instead of a sha512 sum.

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Haha, you are totally right! Fixed!

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Migration went smooth also without this last fix snevas!


Successfully migrated to nightly.


Migration was successful and the first nightly is now running on my FP2 :slight_smile:

Thanks @chrmhoffmann for all your work on this!
Also thanks to @snevas for providing all the OTA updates and now finally the migration files!


Is there also a update function included? Like OTA?
Or does the future updates only work via flashing with TWRP?

OTA updates like always. From LineageOS servers though, instead of @snevas’ server space.


Thank you. Switched the LOS without problems.

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Great news! and congrats!
I moved too without google apps.
The only thing I am wondering about is that in settings the updater app says I do not have an internet connection. So I hope that is just because there is no new update. Just to mention it.

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This is so cool. :sunglasses: Thanks!

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I also migrated to the nightly build without problems. Thanks a lot for all your efforts you are putting into the support of LineageOS!

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