Official LineageOS for Fairphone 3

I got the same thing. That might be a side effect of the dirty flashing. Let’s wait and see what happens once the next micro-g build is available.


Interestingly, for me LOS does the trick regarding the brightness. Furthermore, I don’t suffer from the “no sound in calls” bug and random reboots anymore. For me, it’s a full win! Alas, I cannot guarantee that to work for you as well :wink:


I have to warn you: I also experienced some reboots during longer phone calls (>30min). That was in summer when using the unofficial LineageOS build. This might be a problem we cannot solve as normal OS developers - I think the bug may be in inaccessible baseband or modem code.

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Thanks for the heads up, @dk1978. As I successfully avoided to be involved in calls > 5 mins yet, I will confirm upon encounter.

I was hoping someone might have unlocked their bootloader recently and might be able to tell me which of the two options is the proper procedure.
I am planning on moving to the microg-lineage on the weekend (haven’t installed custom roms for a long time). I will get back to you, if and when I figured out the correct way.

Bootloader unlocking worked for me with this script: Oem unlock "input verify code"

edit: I did it 3 days ago :slight_smile:


@dk1978 Thank you very much for your contributions!

do we have a dedicated thread (or something) for systematic testing? i installed the microG build and did not yet find any problems, however I did not search for them :angel:

There are now 2 different versions of the bootloader unlock code, AFAIK it should depend of which OS version you had. See this post : Bootloader Unlocking Code for Fairphone 3 not working :smiley:


I can confirm this, even though they were not reboots but complete crashes. On the official microG LOS this happened to me twice during a teleconference. The screen went black and the only thing to wake it up again was a force reboot into fastboot mode. Strangely enough, this did not happen on other long calls. Still, I fear this problem is not one with the ROM, but with the FP3 in general.

Atm. I’m running the latest FP-OS (build 8901.2A.0054.20200929) and I’m quite happy with the included camera app (version 2.0.002). Which camera may I expect in the official LOS 16.0 for the FP3?

It is a rather basic one. However, you might want to check out this Thread, where a couple of pixel cam ports are shared. These produce in some cases even better results than the FP3 stock cam. I have tried some of them on LOS and can confirm they work.


Thank You and all persons involved so much!!!
Now i can recommend, buy and roll out new devices for my family members and friends.
I love Your work and efforts.


K9-mail from F-droid has a strange displaying behavior. The top and bottom bars start blinking frequently. Apart from that, it is usable. I am using the MicroG version installed with TWRP.

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If I remember right I need a migration zip to go from unofficial to official? It’s been long ago i needed that, where can i get one for this migration?

I don’t think you need a migration build. Just try a dirty flash.


Thanks. Update is scheduled for Saturday :slight_smile: still on unofficial

Off topic: For the transition from CyanogenMod to LineageOS, a transition zip was required AFAIK. In my career of flashing custom ROMs, it was the only time I ever needed to do that.

AFAIK a migration zip was used for passing from 14.1 unofficial to official and 15.1 unofficial to official on FP2. See here:

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I’m remembering it this way also, migration from unofficial to official, to account for the new keys. Still, it might be possible to ignore the change of keys… Will see tomorrow

Yup, this zip was however specific for my unofficial build to the official one. Won’t work for this transition. Maybe the maintainer for the unofficial FP3 build could do the same trick as I did back then (probably the zip is still usable and only the values in the script need to be changed).
I can’t test it as I don’t have the device, else I would have helped :slight_smile: