Official LineageOS 20 for FP3/FP3+

I think it’s only possible if you’re rooted, or use a charging adapter with low amperege,e.g 500mA

yeah, do this already, but my new powerbank just like to rapidcharge my fp3 ^^v

It should be possible with root adb, that is accessible on LineageOS, but I have not tryed, since I don’t need it and haven’t verified the solution.

You have to force “echo 0 > /sys/kernel/fast_charge/force_fast_charge”


You’re right. With adb root in developer options, and adb root/adb shell on an attached computer this should work. Until the next reboot


I used ACC in the past, it gives you full control over when to charge (time, battery-percentage, temperature) and how to charge (current). You can also enable idle-mode which cuts of the battery while the charger is plugged. I left my charger plugged almost 24/7 for a whole year and my battery is still in very good condition today (it is 2 1/2 years old now.)

Yes, ACC and his front-end acca is a good idea, but need full root, not only adb root…

I have searched online and it seems that lineageos have added a tool called charging control.
On my build of LineageOS for microg is not yet implemented.
@TeamB58 @dk1978 would be added this feature in the future?
Will be better then acc, since seems to me that don’t need root.


Does anybody here use Signal? I have the issue that there is huge feedback, when using the speaker for a Video call. This does not happen on a FP4 with stock Android. Only with my Fp3 and lineage. This issue has been an issue for a while, but I forgot to ask here about it.

Never tried it in speaker… I’ll try to set up a test

FP3+ with a fairly up to date LOS 20, and Play Services installed. No issues in Signal calls so far, although I don’t use them often.

Can anyone confirm that all HW is supported and working with LOS 20? I mean all sensors, camera, fingerprint etc.

@Phlogi I would confirm that all the sensors that I use(so more than you have mentioned) are working correctly. I don’t know if the camera have the best configuration, but is working.

Thanks I did the install anyway in the meantime and it looks pretty solid. Overall performance could be better, but I guess that’s just the hardware…

Hi guys. My phone has a tendency to have a popup that says that app X doesn’t answer, with a choice to close the app, or wait.

What’s weird is that it pops up even when the app is working, and if I choose to wait, the popup comes back quickly,

A bit annoying when the app is a camera app and I’m trying to take pictures, and the popup gets in the way.

Am I the only one? How to fix this?

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I remember this topic came up before. When I had that happen to me, I just force-closed the app and opened it again and it went away for the time being. However this bug is gone for a looong time for me. Is it happening to all apps or just some specific ones? Did you try to reinstall affected apps?

I could imagine a full system reset might wipe out these early bugs but that’s just an uneducated guess.

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It’s still happening for me, any app that might have these processing time requirements, e.g. large navigation apps, or battery history from settings. For the moment, I’m just accepting it…

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Yes, same here. Doesn’t seem to apply to “light” apps.

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@TeamB58: I saw you updated the blobs from FP3-REL-6.A.020.0-gms-88126537-user - thank you so much. The FP3(+) OS Release Notes announce that WPA3 encryption has been enabled for Wi-Fi connections. It would be great if you could forward this progress also to LOS20!?



I really hope it’s something device source specific. I shall take a look. For record, could you create a bug/issue and assign to me?

Would make it easier to track.


Thank you for your engagement. I created the issue "Enable WPA3 encryption for Wi-Fi connections (#6317) " but I have no clue how to assign it to you - please advise.