Official LineageOS 20 for FP3/FP3+

After testing the unofficial 20 version for quite some time, we are finally ready to go official.

Thanks and special mention to @dk1978 for the continuous support and help throughout so far.

Let’s collect and discuss any potential issues, blockers and feature requests(from device side) in this topic. Use Official bugreport channel to report bugs.

Few important notes:

  • Android 4.9 kernel is deprecated. Hence, kernel shall be updated as soon as Fairphone releases/updates the kernel.
  • Update the proprietary blobs and firmware files as soon as there is a new FPOS release.

Here are the collection of relevant external links:

Thanks to all users for your support. See you all soon with LineageOS 21!



Few important notes/changes:

  • Screen density is reduced to 420. It was quite big/huge in 19.1. This also now matches the device density.
  • As a result of this, the launcher/home screen might lose previous data from 19.1. So, please try to have a backup of any important links or bookmarks if you have any.
  • The biometrics strength has been restored temporarily. A decision shall be taken later. So, it now works for 3rd party apps as well.
  • Storage permission for ThemePicker was removed from compatibility perspective. As a result, it might crash right after the update to LineageOS 20. Please clear data of Wallpaper and Styles app in Settings to restore the bahavior.

I think I have covered most of the points. I shall update if I have missed any. Please do share if you encountered anything.



Thanks for all your efforts! I look forward to installing the first official 20.0 build once it shows up…

… and it’s finally there :smiley: Kudos to @TeamB58 and @dk1978!


So happy as this allows an easy migration from my current deteriorating phone (non-FP) with LOS20. Really looks good and one would expect Fairphone to release an update of their vendor OS with new kernel and blobs.

So, I bit the bullet and upgraded. One of the more boring upgrades :slight_smile:
Up to now everything is running, and the in app fingerprint works fine for me (thanks! Very appreciated by me and the banking apps …)


Thanks for the continuous effort!

  • I took my phone with the unofficial LOS20, applied the version in the OP, rebooted => Various Google Apps crashed
  • Reapplied MindTheGapps-13.0.0-arm64-20221025_100653 => No more crashes, but the Play Store app says it’s offline
  • Reapplied Magisk, unmasked it, remasked it, Zygisk off, Zygisk on, with reboots => no luck
  • Cleared data & cache for Play store, reboot => no luck

Any clue to make Play Store online ?

I also had similar trouble with a few apps after a dirty flash as they lost network access. Please check: Settings > Apps > XXX > Mobile data and Wi-Fi > Allow network access. I cross the fingers…

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Right on spot, thank you !

I upgraded on monday and everything works really really well. Huge thank you to everyone who made this possible!

Some minor issues i encountered:

  • there is no option in aperture to save files to the sd card (or i couldn’t find it)
  • a noticeble drop in framerate and responsiveness when the new media player in the notification area is active
  • nfc trigger setup for system profiles doesn’t work, as tags don’t get recognized (however other apps recognize them)

Greetings and again thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your continued support of fp3!

I have some questions before i continue.

The links to Microg seems to only have downloads for 19.1 available, is that because the first monthly build after 20 hasn’t occured yet?

(Also i read up a little on Microg, did i understand correctly that Googles play store isn’t directly available with Microg, only a third party reimplementation that Google doesn’t permit you to use?)

There is no mention of Mind the gapps, which i’m currently using, in this thread, will this still work with the update?

Yes, I’,running LOS 20 with mindthegapps. Please be advised that for the upgrade you also have to flash the according mindthegapps package, that is for Android 13… Otherwise, you’ll get yourself into trouble.

So, follow the instructions on, and you’ll be fine.

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About the microG-release, you are probably right with your suspicion. I use iode 4.1 (LOS 20 + microg + tracking-blocker), it is a beta-version that is already available, maybe that’s an option for you.

MinMicroG offers a magisk module with a modded playstore that is working fine for me (you don’t need MinMicroG for that). I am doing it like this for years at this point, I never heard that google would take action against it, after all they earn money with this because it enables in-app-purchase on the playstore for MicroG-users.

The upgrade went smooth. Almost everything works just like before.

The only thing not working: Signal Backups fail. It goes to 99,9% and then says backup failed. Using external storage for signal backups.
Clearing the cache in the App settings did not help.
Any ideas?

Thanks @TeamB58 for your awesome job.

For me, the backup works ok. But the destination is internal, and because of the settings (messages will be deleted after a week on my busy channels) only at 30MB

I think the only way is to install iode 3, install the updater app v3 from beta · master · iode / ota · GitLab and upgrade to 4 from there. Or what I did is, after installing the updater-app, I copied the link from the updater to download iode 4 ROM for a fresh install. Oooor if you can wait, i can later look on my PC if the URL is still in my browser history or I could send you the whole ROM which is still on my PC.

I don’t know why iode team is handling things this way sometimes.

EDIT: Here’s a link to iode 4.1 ROM in case anyone is interested.

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i just saw the Version 4 source code on Github releases…
So, I would just wait for the other images to pop up there and give it a try in the next few weeks when I have some time.
Thanks! :slight_smile:

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I upgraded yesterday and it so far, everything works. I had to reboot once to make the mobile Internet connection work. Other than that, it is fine, but I am a very basic user.

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I just found out that this is because it says the external SD card is full, although it is not. OSM keeps crashing too, may be because the downloaded maps are on this SD Card as well.
Ejecting it and reinserting it did not help.
I will investigate more and keep you all updated.

Using OpenMTP and deleting few maps of OSM from the Sd card helped create some space. However, strange: There were 40 GB of free space before the ugrade to Lineage OS 20. After the upgrade: 0.
Anyhow, I can now back up Sgnal to the Sd Card and OSM does not crash anymore. :slight_smile: